As we dance through the dark...

Gah, March is going by so quickly! Finals are next week which explains why I haven't been on here.
But I do have another quick outfit post for ya since I'm still trying very hard to update you guys on my life and what I'm wearing and what not.
I wanted to post this outfit in particular because I wanted to show you my new favorites at the moment, which are my Vagabond Dioon boots! I'm so stoked on them. I also thought they matched the dress really well. (Fun fact: the man got me this Evil Twin dress for Valentine's Day, yeah he knows me. Smiles.) I don't usually dress up every day. Lately it's been some sort of black pants with a tee or sweater and sneakers. So this was nice to document.

Also I just finished a research paper for one of my favorite classes I've ever taken here, my monsters class. Yes you heard right. Monsters. Today was the last day and I was pretty bummed to leave. I've recently realized that an onslaught of "lasts" are coming up soon in my time here at UC Santa Cruz and I'm really excited and sad about it all at the same time.
Anyway, just wanted to stop by. I may sneak another post or two in on here before the man and I depart for LA. xo

Listening to: Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone - Lykke Li


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Lainey said...

I can't wait to have you home here, but I completely understand what you mean. 4 years living somewhere is a long time. I can't believe you have Vagabonds and I don't. poop. Love you.

Lainey said...
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Sheyla said...


Good luck with your finals Victoria. <3


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