We jumped never asking why...

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted on this.
Life has been grand in every which way, trying to balance my time between school life, work life, and my social life. It's a struggle but for the first time in a while, I'm extremely happy with pretty much everything. And that's that. I'm just happy.

I just wanted to post about my lady love bester's 21st birthday that happened over a week ago.
Her birthday basically spanned over a whole weekend and I hope she had a grand time. We've been waiting for both of us to be 21 for almost four years now and I just feel like this is one of the many milestones we'll hit together. I never expected to get a best friend in college but here she is. I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to get through the past three years without her. But enough of the sappy. Smiles.

I got to wear my new favorite dress on her birthday night. A week beforehand, I had treated myself and splurged on some UNIF and I have no regrets. This dress is everything to me and it's even on display in my room. Is that too much?

This last photo is us celebrating at midnight. And it's basically my favorite picture.

Only two posts in October, I know. That's really bad. But the holidays are coming up and I'm stoked.
I'll really try and post more on here because I do miss it when I haven't in a while.

See you soon. xo

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Kiss the ring and let em bow down...

So I know I'm way behind on Fashion Week. I'm also behind on posting on here so I apologize for that.
School and work and life have been really hectic but really exciting so I've had no time for anything. I haven't even had a proper outfit post in a while either. If you really want to see what's going on in my life, follow my Instagram or Twitter which I always link at the bottom of my posts. You can expect to see a lot of exciting stuff coming up.

Okay so I figured I will still post on my faves from Fashion Week because why the heck not. It's super late but better late than never. Here are my favorites from London.

House of Holland
This was some dreamy 90's romantic kind of show and I loved it. With the purple clouds in the background, I loved the boyish shapes but feminine patterns and colors. Also the fact that he used a tattoo artist friend's designs made me super happy.

Meadham Kirchhoff
The details of the pieces in this show took my breath away. There was a sense of haunted playfulness that I loved and I felt that each look had something for everyone. I mean dead roses, lace, and punk babydoll dresses. Gimme it.

Sister by Sibling
You can totally tell when the models have been told to smile on the runway, like in this show. I mean it's cute but a little distracting. Despite that little setback, I actually enjoyed the 50's with edge look that they were going for, a sort of Mad Men-esque feel with even more Valium and alcohol. She was quite messy and a little more sinister, which I love.

Topshop Unique
I think the goal of this collection was to show the wide range of girls that can wear Topshop. Every look had something different going on but all seem to work cohesively together. Lots of low backs, no bras, and spaghetti strap 90's-ness was happening and I loved it. Oh and that yellow jumpsuit, yes please. Lady boner.

Sequins galore every time but I'm not complaining! Ashish is always fun and we can all agree to that. I love the fancy messy girl look and I can't wait to rock huge destroyed jeans in the spring. Way to mix leopard with zebra as well as making it actually look good. And one more thing, Chloe Nørgaard is perfection.

See you soon babes. x

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