You make me glow...

This week has been weird. Has this week been weird to you? I don't know. Maybe it's because I spent this last weekend at home and I'm still recovering. I just want it to be the weekend already.
So I basically hung out with my family all weekend and had a grand old time just chilling. I missed home a ton so it was good going back for a little. 

It was nice being back especially because I'm actually staying in Santa Cruz this summer until I graduate next year. Yay! I just found out yesterday that the place that we wanted just approved us and I'm super stoked on that. It's really exciting to actually move into a new place by yourself that's not on campus or your parents' house ya know. I can't wait. Smiles.


Besides being stoked about all about that good stuff, I think just being in a new environment will be good for me. I'll definitely miss a bunch of people from Monrovia but I think meeting new people is great. This might be too much info but I've said worse on this blog before, I mean I think. Save for a few people, my friends suck. I don't know if "friends" is even the right word anymore. I can't wait to see who will actually take the time to visit me over the summer. I can't wait for summer.
But anyway, not going to bring you down. This is a good thing. Smiles.
Oh and I promise to try and blog more often. xo

By the way, no judging, but I'm kind of obsessed with this song. Sang it all weekend with my sister.

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Lainey said...

You so perty. I miss you already.

Halie said...

Love itttt. Great crop top.

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