Let 'em wonder...

Okay so April was definitely not a good month of blogging for me.
There was just a lot of school stuff and working a lot and trying to find places to live in June and just gah. It sounds like excuses but I'm physically exhausted. I'm so jealous of the peeps who have finals coming up because at least they will be done with this school year. I'm barely on midterms right now. But enough complaining. I decided to just do a quick post before I get back to work on thesis writing. 

If ya'll don't know a certain blogger Lua Perez from Le Happy then you are missing out. I've mentioned her a few times on here and posted some of her outfits as inspiration because this girl can do no wrong in my opinion and to prove that, I'm going to show you the amazeballs-ness that is her new line for Romwe.

Today she finally debuted her Le Happy x Romwe collaboration and it's great. The pieces she designed were everything that I could imagine her wearing/designing. So many good neutral and versatile pieces that anyone can wear. I can't wait to snag me some. She's just absolutely great, go see for yourself. Here are some of my favorites.

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Just let it happen...

So as you may have noticed, festival season is upon us and I am completely jealous of those who get to go to Coachella this year.
I say it every year that I want to go so bad but things just don't work out sometimes. My sister and I are making it our goal this year to go to Outside Lands. Don't get me wrong, I love Coachella, but I feel like it gets way too hyped up. Maybe that's just me being super annoyed that I don't get to go. Anyway.
I made a Coachella/any music festival essentials list for any of you going this weekend or next weekend. I did it to make me feel better, but I think it just made me more jealous. It's all goody though because my time will come. Smiles.
So yeah, here are my what-to-wear tips and what not for festival season.

1. Accessories galore.
Festival Other

2. Pretty skirts.
Festival Skirts

3. Fun shorts.
Festival Shorts

4. Great shoes.
Festival Shoes

Those are my must-haves. Of course you also need some fun tops and flowy bohemian dresses since it's Coachella duh. But you get it. I hope you all found this helpful if you're currently struggling with what to wear this weekend. And if you're not going to the desert like me, that shouldn't stop you from dressing like you are going. Smiles. xo

Listening to: Breakers - Local Natives

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Our song on the radio...

Happy April babes!
I'm back in Santa Cruz after a great break. Today was the start of spring quarter and I'm still trying to ease back into the school groove. I absolutely loved being home and seeing the people I love and just chillin', it's like the best thing ever.
My last night of break I spent with my fambam and we frolicked around Old Town Pasadena and had some amazeballs pizza over at The Kitchen. I had slept over my beautiful sissy's house the night before which was perfect. I miss her already. You may have seen some pictures on Instagram. Earlier Saturday, we found this empty parking lot and decided to take our outfit pictures there. It was pretty random but super fun. 

Also have you guys been into the monochrome look lately as much as I have? I've been trying to get into the spring colors but I just can't. I love me my black and white.


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