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It feels like it's been forever since I've posted on this. I don't know what it is but lately, I've just been a lazy bum. Maybe it's because I'm going home for Memorial Day weekend and I can't wait to see my fambam and besties that I can't really concentrate on anything else except for food and my phone.

So today I thought I would just update you on some things and talk about my weekend which was super fun. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I went to Santa Cruz Flea Market two days in a row with Veronica and got some fun stuff. It was so hot this weekend, I kinda got a weird tan. Also there was a Pride festival on Saturday which was fun too. There was free food and performances and rainbows and all that jazz.
Also did anyone see the solar eclipse?


A couple other things.
I'm starting to get into this 90's grunge funk and I love it. Just take a look at my Tumblr. I wore these floral jeans basically all weekend. I'm also wearing them as I write this. Smiles. I bought them last year but I gained weight so I stopped wearing them. They fit me again and I forgot how much I love them.
Also t-shirts. I forgot how awesome just a simple t-shirt and jeans combo looks. I got this wolf shirt (yup, wolves again) on Ebay and cut it up. It's like my new favorite shirt.
I absolutely can't wait for my summer to start. I hate seeing my friends being done with school already. I'm super jelly. Anyway.
See you soon. I'll try harder this time. Last time I said that I didn't go on here for two weeks.

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There are some nights...


I'm back after a very busy weekend in Monrovia. It seemed so short but so much happened.
I finally saw The Avengers with my parents and my sister after lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We celebrated  Mother's Day a week early since I won't be in town next week. We had such a grand time. The Avengers was absolutely amazing. Go see it. I laughed, I cried, I had every emotion a person could possibly have during a movie.
That night we went to see the spring musical along with some other peeps at my high school, The Robber Bridegroom. My sister and I are theatre alumni so we all went to support our director Marc Segal since it was his last show at Monrovia High School. He's retiring from the drama department, so he'll still be teaching English, but it's just weird for me because I can't imagine anyone else running that place. But he will go on to do bigger things in his acting career, I'm sure of it. So it was very bittersweet.
After a very long and fun night with some of my favorite people, I hung out with my family again the next day. We had a yummy lunch and went to a choir concert at my church which was nice. I started choir at my church when I was in fourth grade and stopped in high school so I had a good six years spending time with wonderful people. We're so very much like a family and I love that we still keep in contact with them.
As far as shopping and stuff goes, I didn't buy anything at all this weekend. Yes, what a surprise. Smiles. I thought about it and realized that the weekend was going to be really short, so I would rather spend time and catch up with people I love instead of spending money. It was kind of the best weekend I've had in a while.

Last note, as you can see, my hair is ombréd. These are the first pictures I've posted on here of my hair even though it's been like a week. It's different, but who doesn't like change every once in a while? Yes.
See you soon.

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The simple thought of you...

For Inspiration Wednesday today, I thought I would bring you something that I've been obsessing over ever since I got my phone, so it's been a couple months now. I've talked about this before in a collective Inspiration Wednesday and some of my other posts, but I figured I would dedicate an entire post to it. Yes, I'm talking about Instagram!
It's weird because it's basically Twitter since on Twitter you can put pictures up along with your tweets but I feel like it's so much more fun. I love seeing what people put on there because they're so random and I love it.
I also love it because if I don't feel like doing a formal blog post about my outfit, I still sneak a photo in there for people to see. It's casual and it's really fun seeing what other bloggers and friends are doing at the moment.
So if you don't follow me on Instagram or don't have Instagram, here are some of my recent photos that are on there and you should get one and follow me - @queenvictoriareigns. Smiles.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. I will hopefully blog this weekend in Monrovia. If you want to see me and my shenanigans in the meantime, follow me on Instagram - @queenvictoriareigns.

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