Forget about the world...

We all know Halloween is coming soon, but I have yet to decide what I am going to dress up as. I have a couple ideas, but if you know me, then you know I can't make decisions for the life of me. There are so many things I want to be for Halloween but unfortunately, Halloween is only one day and I have to choose just one main one. If you don't know what your costume is yet like me, I have some inspiration for you today.

So I love Disney movies and the way they make me feel when I watch them. Even at 20 years old, I would buy anything that has the Disney princesses on it, especially Snow White. I was Snow White for Halloween in my junior year of high school and that was fun times. Now I'm not going to be a princess this year, but if I were, I found a cool way to change it up.
I first saw these on Tumblr and then did some Google magic and found where they actually came from. It's a set of art drawings entitled "Twisted Princess" by this artist Jeffrey Thomas. He basically took every lead female from most of the Disney movies we all know and love and warped them and made them look extra creepy and badass and it's fantastic. There are nineteen drawings in total. They are really amazing, definitely worth checking out. I can't post all nineteen on this so here are some of my favorites.

You guys should definitely check out the rest of them on Jeffrey Thomas's blog by clicking here.
Hopefully this was a good Inspiration Wednesday for you guys. Talk to you soon. xo

Don't judge me on the song choice guys, just sharing my guilty pleasures with ya'll. Smiles.


livlovelaugh said...

These are so awesome~~~ Thank you for sharing them!


livlovelaugh said...

also... i'm 27 and i still love halloween and disney... i can't wait to try all the disney/fairy-tale inspired costumes :)


Inescapable mess said...

They are super scary but how made them is super talented

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