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Inspiration Wednesday! Can you say hell yeah?
Today I'm going to be talking about something incredibly badass and beautiful and that is a recent movie Veronica and I saw which is Snow White and the Huntsman. Especially since I've been obsessed with everything that has to do with this movie from the premiere looks to the wardrobe from the movie to the gorgeous cast. I'll just let you stare at them in peace. I apologize for the photo vomit in advance, I just couldn't decide. Smiles.

So I have a couple things to say about this movie (like I always do). First of all, it was just beautiful to look at. My eyes were permanently ginormous during the entire thing because of how visually stunning everything was. The main cast wasn't hard to look at either. I didn't know who to stare at: Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron or Sam Claflin. By the way, I have a new crush in Sam Claflin, that man is way too pretty for his own good. Everyone did well acting wise, even my girl KStew, who I did not doubt one bit, even though everyone was setting her up for failure. The movie itself was basically Charlize's as Queen Ravenna and that was absolutely fine by me, since she terrified me and looked stunning doing it.
Anyway, so about the movie. I basically loved the hell out of it save for a few things that I was just kind of eh about. I felt that there wasn't enough dialogue, and when there was, it was almost laughable at times, and full of plot holes. The dwarves, who were some of my favorite parts of the film, were played by British actors that were CGI'd onto little person doubles. I still don't know how I feel about that one.
It wasn't full on the romance, which I actually enjoyed, and focused more on the strength of Snow White and her goal to bring down Ravenna. Also, the men focused on admiring her strong will instead of flirting with her which I loved as well. However, the end left me a little hanging with the lack of dialogue, maybe setting it up for a sequel, which I won't understand. But what can you do? I just have to go with it, I guess.
All in all, I loved it and was not disappointed. Snow White is my favorite fairy tale of them all so that's saying something. The different take on the story, and the fact that it was grittier and messier and that Snow White was a badass who wore armor just made me happy. It was great. Smiles.

So yeah. Anyway.
It feels so good to post now that I've gotten some crap school stuff out of the way. This week is my last week of classes and finals start next week, which means I get to go back home. I'm super ecstatic about that.
Finals are going to be poop. Hopefully I can squeeze in one or two posts in between now and Thursday, which is when I move out.
Later my dears.

Also this song is insanely awesome. Check it out.
Listening to: Breath Of Life - Florence + the Machine from the Snow White and the Huntsman Soundtrack

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