I heard you were a wild one...

I know I know! I think saying "See you soon" is some sort of jinx now because every time I say that, I don't blog for almost two weeks. But this time it's not because I haven't been having any inspiration (even though I haven't actually done Inspiration Wednesday in a while). Veronica actually came to visit for about a week and we had a blasty. It was a very full and busy and super fun number of days, which is why this is only part one of a couple of posts of her time in Monrovia. She also vlogged the entire time she was here so you can watch all of those videos on her vlog channel if you click here.

So Part 1 of the Veronica Extravaganza.


The first day Veronica was here, we actually did the Baby Food Challenge with the crew for her Youtube channel. Oh by the way it was disgusting. There aren't any photos from that day since it was a pretty chill day, but you can watch (and laugh at) the video here. Smiles.

The next day we hung out with my sister all day and did what I do best which is shop. I finally stepped into a Brandy Melville store and I was like a kid in a candy shop. Later we went to Studio City and did some more shopping at Wasteland. I ended up getting some great stuff thanks to my sissy. Our last stop was the Yamashiro Farmers Market in the Hollywood Hills for some foodness. I had never been there before and I don't know why because it was amazing. That is definitely a place I will be at a lot this summer.

So basically it was an amazeballs day.

Here's the vlog:

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Because you love...

One final down, three more to go. Ugh.
I have some time to spare today since I only had my French final which is doneskies. I'm so excited for this week to be over so I can be back home for the summer. I'm kind of exhausted and tired, plus the heat is getting to me. Anyone else?

I just wanted to share some of the adventures I had this weekend with Veronica. We decided that every end of the school year, we will have some fun on the last weekend no matter how busy we are. You may have seen last year here and here, it was super cloudy and rainy and just weird. This weekend was hot as balls.
We went to a different flea market yesterday which was downtown this time so it was really close. This one only happens every second Sunday of the month so we were planning on going since last month. We were really excited about it. Veronica finally got her own Polaroid camera which was exciting. Hopefully she won't be like me and actually get some film for it and use it (Yeah, I haven't used mine since I got it in 2008). I only got a couple of things since I'm saving up for some Keds to wear to Warped Tour. I ended up getting a couple rings and some cool records since I can't not spend money. I always have to buy something. But that's my problem. Smiles.
But anyway Veronica vlogged throughout the day so you can see that on her new vlog channel when she puts it up or when I post it on here later. When we got home, we also filmed a little haul on her actual channel, so that might go on here later as well. But for now, here are some photos for you.


If you want to check out Veronica's make up channel click here.
Also she has a new vlog channel up here.
You should subscribe to her because she's lovely. Smiles.

See you guys soon.

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Another taste of heavenly rush...

Inspiration Wednesday! Can you say hell yeah?
Today I'm going to be talking about something incredibly badass and beautiful and that is a recent movie Veronica and I saw which is Snow White and the Huntsman. Especially since I've been obsessed with everything that has to do with this movie from the premiere looks to the wardrobe from the movie to the gorgeous cast. I'll just let you stare at them in peace. I apologize for the photo vomit in advance, I just couldn't decide. Smiles.

So I have a couple things to say about this movie (like I always do). First of all, it was just beautiful to look at. My eyes were permanently ginormous during the entire thing because of how visually stunning everything was. The main cast wasn't hard to look at either. I didn't know who to stare at: Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron or Sam Claflin. By the way, I have a new crush in Sam Claflin, that man is way too pretty for his own good. Everyone did well acting wise, even my girl KStew, who I did not doubt one bit, even though everyone was setting her up for failure. The movie itself was basically Charlize's as Queen Ravenna and that was absolutely fine by me, since she terrified me and looked stunning doing it.
Anyway, so about the movie. I basically loved the hell out of it save for a few things that I was just kind of eh about. I felt that there wasn't enough dialogue, and when there was, it was almost laughable at times, and full of plot holes. The dwarves, who were some of my favorite parts of the film, were played by British actors that were CGI'd onto little person doubles. I still don't know how I feel about that one.
It wasn't full on the romance, which I actually enjoyed, and focused more on the strength of Snow White and her goal to bring down Ravenna. Also, the men focused on admiring her strong will instead of flirting with her which I loved as well. However, the end left me a little hanging with the lack of dialogue, maybe setting it up for a sequel, which I won't understand. But what can you do? I just have to go with it, I guess.
All in all, I loved it and was not disappointed. Snow White is my favorite fairy tale of them all so that's saying something. The different take on the story, and the fact that it was grittier and messier and that Snow White was a badass who wore armor just made me happy. It was great. Smiles.

So yeah. Anyway.
It feels so good to post now that I've gotten some crap school stuff out of the way. This week is my last week of classes and finals start next week, which means I get to go back home. I'm super ecstatic about that.
Finals are going to be poop. Hopefully I can squeeze in one or two posts in between now and Thursday, which is when I move out.
Later my dears.

Also this song is insanely awesome. Check it out.
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I see right through you...

I might just talk today since I haven't done that in a while. Maybe I'll put some pictures up from Memorial Day weekend. We'll see how I'm feeling by the end of this.
First off, happy June to all. I posted a total of three times last month which is not good. Only one of the posts was an Inspiration Wednesday too, so I feel bad about neglecting that. I'm almost done with school this year, only a couple weeks until I go home, so I'm counting the days. And I will definitely post a lot more this summer. Smiles.

This past weekend was somewhat enjoyable. I got to spend a lot of time with my family and friends which is always good. We all went to the fiesta, ate yummy food, and had a grand old time. I even had time for some retail therapy and bought some stuff. Maybe you guys will see them in a outfit post pretty soon.

So that was nice. If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you may already know how I'm feeling up here in Santa Cruz. Some stuff happened a couple days ago over the weekend, and it's literally exhausting me. I'm just annoyed and tired of it all, every day I'm just kinda bummed out and all I want to do is eat food and watch Netflix in the comfort of my room. I don't usually tell people why I'm feeling a certain way, but that's my cross to bear I guess. Also, the having to go to school part of all this just puts another damper on what I want to do. But I guess that's life. You think it's going a certain way and then it becomes a crap festival, and everyone only cares about their problems. So yeah that's basically how I'm feeling right now.
This whole week has just been really weird. That Monday off of school kinda threw me off too. I want to go home so badly and hang out with my sister who is basically the only person I can count on. I love that lady.

But enough of me pooping on your party. I'll reward you beautiful people for getting through me talking my face off and complaining. Here are some captures of my weekend with lovely people.


Sorry if this was super long and annoying. Just wanted to put some stuff out there. Maybe I should start making rant videos on Youtube. Anyway, I'll see you soon. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood. All I can say is thank God it's Friday. Maybe I'll have a date night with my girl Veronica. We deserve it.
Love you all.

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