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For Inspiration Wednesday today, I thought I would bring you something that I've been obsessing over ever since I got my phone, so it's been a couple months now. I've talked about this before in a collective Inspiration Wednesday and some of my other posts, but I figured I would dedicate an entire post to it. Yes, I'm talking about Instagram!
It's weird because it's basically Twitter since on Twitter you can put pictures up along with your tweets but I feel like it's so much more fun. I love seeing what people put on there because they're so random and I love it.
I also love it because if I don't feel like doing a formal blog post about my outfit, I still sneak a photo in there for people to see. It's casual and it's really fun seeing what other bloggers and friends are doing at the moment.
So if you don't follow me on Instagram or don't have Instagram, here are some of my recent photos that are on there and you should get one and follow me - @queenvictoriareigns. Smiles.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. I will hopefully blog this weekend in Monrovia. If you want to see me and my shenanigans in the meantime, follow me on Instagram - @queenvictoriareigns.

Listening to: New York - Snow Patrol

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