I'm off to the races...

I've been really bad at posting lately. I'm just glad that Inspiration Wednesday exists.
So without further ado, today's Inspiration comes from what I've been thinking about for weeks now, and that is music festivals. Particularly, Coachella, Outside Lands, and Warped Tour.
First off, I am super jealous of the people who went to Coachella last weekend and those who are there right now for this weekend (um Tupac). I can't wait until I get a chance to go. A couple of days ago, the line up for Outside Lands went up and I want to go so bad. Hopefully I can save up enough money to go in August. Such a good line up.
So Warped Tour. Yes, I am going again for the third year in a row with Andy and Veronica. I'm so excited. Even though Warped Tour isn't really a festival, I still put it in that category since it has a whole bunch of bands. I love it because I find new bands to listen to.
So I went on Polyvore and came up with different outfits to wear this year at Warped.

Warped Tour 1
Warped Tour 3
Warped Tour 2

I'm so excited for summer time. It's getting a little warmer here. Smiles.


Lainey said...

Those multicolor shorts are absolutely amazing. I wants it.

Analisa said...

I love all these sets! Have fun at Warped!!


Clara Turbay said...

Very cool and stylish!

Nancy said...

cute looks you put together! Have fun at Warped!! =)

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