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Yay for an outfit post finally! Even though it's just a simple beach outfit. But yes, I along with Veronica and Shawn, went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk yesterday and walked around and got some sun. I'm not super pasty anymore which is good. Smiles.
It was our first trip to the beach this quarter and I'm looking forward to many more.

Afterwards, we kind of went on an adventure looking for hair stuff and last night we all went a little crazy. I re-ombréd my hair, Shawn buzzed his hair and might bleach it, and I put pink tips in Veronica's hair. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a very stereotypical bathroom picture of the three of us. Smiles.

I have yet to put up an actual photo of my hair for all to see so keep a look out for that. It's really blonde this time. But I always say, change is good.
See you all soon for Inspiration Wednesday. Gotta get through these crap midterms and then I am home for the weekend. Woots.

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It started with a whisper...

Another Inspiration Wednesday that I am excited as balls about. Smiles.
I get fashion inspiration all around me, magazines, old movies, Tumblr, my mother's closet, you name it. The place I will be talking about today is YouTube, not all of YouTube, but a particular channel called Clothes Encounters, and a particular person named Jenn Im.

I have been watching Clothes Encounters for a while now. It used to consist of Jenn and her best friend Sarah Chu. Since they've started college, Jenn took the reigns because of schedule conflicts and all that jazz. But anyway. It's basically a style channel where she styles outfits, does thrift hauls, and just talks about her fashion inspirations. So I have to say, Jenn Im is one of my girl crushes.

I mean, look at her. She's super cool and has that cool grunge-y but feminine look going on that I'm totally digging right now. She's definitely gives me style inspiration. And plus she just seems like a genuine person and that's pretty awesome. I'm surprised it took me this long to do an Inspiration Wednesday on her. If you want to see more of her, her channel is Clothes Encounters, she has a Twitter (@imjennim), and an Instagram (@imjennim).

Anyway, see you guys soon. Hopefully I'll have an outfit post for you next time.

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I'm off to the races...

I've been really bad at posting lately. I'm just glad that Inspiration Wednesday exists.
So without further ado, today's Inspiration comes from what I've been thinking about for weeks now, and that is music festivals. Particularly, Coachella, Outside Lands, and Warped Tour.
First off, I am super jealous of the people who went to Coachella last weekend and those who are there right now for this weekend (um Tupac). I can't wait until I get a chance to go. A couple of days ago, the line up for Outside Lands went up and I want to go so bad. Hopefully I can save up enough money to go in August. Such a good line up.
So Warped Tour. Yes, I am going again for the third year in a row with Andy and Veronica. I'm so excited. Even though Warped Tour isn't really a festival, I still put it in that category since it has a whole bunch of bands. I love it because I find new bands to listen to.
So I went on Polyvore and came up with different outfits to wear this year at Warped.

Warped Tour 1
Warped Tour 3
Warped Tour 2

I'm so excited for summer time. It's getting a little warmer here. Smiles.


At first sight and it's real...

It's that time again everyone! An Inspiration Wednesday.
I feel like I haven't done one in forever but I'm finally doing one and I'm super happy.

This week's Inspiration Wednesday is about one of my favorite experiences ever, and that is PROM. My senior prom was amazeballs. I blogged about it here. It has almost been two years since then and sometimes I actually miss it. If I got to go to prom every year for the rest of my life, I would be a very happy lady.
I feel like prom is that one day where you can express the way you dress and show off a different side of you that not a lot of people might know about. People at my high school only found out I had a fashion blog because of prom and I'm glad it happened that way. And plus, it's a night where you get to dress up and look all pretty-like and who doesn't love that? Exactly.
There are different prom trends every year but I don't think people should listen to those. For my prom, I knew I wanted to look different and not have that stereotypical dress that another person might end up wearing too. I thought, what would I wear to the Golden Globes? as cheesy as that sounds.
I found a dress when I wasn't looking for one and when I had no idea what I wanted my dress to look like. But it was expensive, so my amazing aunt/seamstress took a look at a picture of it and made me my own version of it and now I have a one-of-a-kind dress hanging up in my room somewhere. Smiles.
You should stick to what you love and what looks good on your body. But if you need help getting started, I have some suggestions.

1. Be bold.
There is so much you can do to stand out of the regular prom crowd. I went for a color that no one else was wearing and it was great. But that's not all you can do. There are metallics and sequins and big floofy things that can give your dress that extra oomph.

Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 RTW/ Elie Saab Spring 2012 RTW/ Marchesa Spring 2012 RTW

2. Go for the nude.
In a sea of safe black, a champagne-y nude color really stands out. This color can make you look and feel sexy and sweet at the same time. If you're not quite sure about a super bold color or a big ass flowery ruffle on your chest, then this is a good choice.

J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2012/ Elie Saab Spring 2012 Couture/ Reem Acra Resort 2012

3. Trust the black.
Yes, I might be contradicting myself a little bit with this one, but sometimes you just have to have that black dress. My junior prom dress was black but it was so different that I had to have it. Basically what I'm saying with this one is, you can wear black, but make sure it blows any bright sequined number out of the water.

Alice + Olivia Fall 2012 RTW/ Reem Acra Fall 2012 RTW/ Naeem Khan Fall 2012 RTW
So anyway, super jealous of you lucky gals going to prom soon. Hope to see some posts about it. Smiles.

Also a birthday shout out to my bester honeybee, Eddie, who I love a crap ton. Smiles.


We can live like this forever...

So Easter went by super quickly yesterday even though I've been eating Easter candies since last week.
I had a very nice Easter weekend besides what went down on Friday, but let's not talk about that silly business. Veronica and I had a little date night and saw Titanic in 3D which was absolutely insane. It was amazing to see it on a big screen. I didn't know how invested I was going to be watching it, but I ended up crying like a little child. It's so long that when I usually watch it like on TV or something, I can't get into it emotionally. But this time, I was bawling my big old eyes out.

Yesterday, I had a nice quiet Easter with Veronica. We went to church, took some pictures outside since it was a beautiful day, and then had brunch where else? Denny's. I don't have a lot of cute church-y clothes with me up here so I had to work with what I had. I busted out the pasty legs to wear this dress though. I seriously need to tan. My legs haven't seen daylight in months. Anyway.
We spent the rest of the day painting our nails since I bought more nail polish. I even bought a minty color which is totally not me but I just had to because everyone needs a mint color for spring. Plus Veronica is rubbing off on me a little. She loves super bright nail polish colors.
Anyway, I'll leave you with that.



No one compares to you...

Part 3 of my spring break posts: Sister time!

Last week I slept over my sister's house. I try to do that as much as I can when I'm home because I love that lady a lot. Of course we had a crap ton of fun. We watched a couple movies, had some wine and an amazing dinner made by Geo. The next day the two of us went over to Old Town Pasadena for some sushi and shopping. We ordered a little too much but it was yummy anyway. We made a whole day of just walking around Pasadena and eating macarons.
I got to finally wear the heels I bought a while ago. They only started hurting after about three hours or so. It was a good day.
Also, when I got home I got to see my bester than all the rest, Jeff, who I haven't seen in ages. We got caught up and it was great and we were just being us. Smiles. We also hung out with some of the crew which is always fun.


So I'm leaving for Santa Cruz in a couple of hours. I just thought I'd sneak in another post before I left. I'm really going to miss Monrovia when I go back.
But anyway. I might have a Part 4 consisting of just Instagram photos from my week. I don't know yet. I might be too busy.
See you all very soon hopefully. xo

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