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I know there is supposed to be an Inspiration Wednesday this week but I've had an amazing couple of days with Veronica visiting and seeing my family and just causing chaos with the people I love that I decided to post about those wonderful days. There's a lot to show you guys so this will be Part 1.

Part 1: The Hunger Games at midnight

Yes, I am talking about The Hunger Games again but it came out last Friday and of course I was there at midnight to see it. I had been waiting for this day for so long and carefully planning what I was going to wear and all that jazz. I made a shirt at the last minute making a stencil of the mockingjay pin and spray painting it on a t-shirt I cut up. My blazer was also a DIY with the studs. I covered up some pretty annoying rips on the pocket area and it turned out great. My inspiration was the character of Seneca Crane. If only I had his glorious beard.

It was such a great night. My parents, my sister, Veronica, and I all saw it together at the Arclight in Pasadena which was wonderful since we didn't have to rush to wait in line for the movie. It was still crazy pants though. We had dinner beforehand at Noodle World which was yum as always.


Now let's talk about this movie. If you haven't read the book yet or haven't seen the movie, there might be some spoilers. In other words, stop reading. So I've seen it twice now (don't judge me) and I have to say this movie does really well with incorporating the important things from the book into the movie but also bringing in some new elements to make the film stand out. I get disappointed sometimes when novels are made into films because I expect too much. I expected a lot from this one because it was The Hunger Games, however it left me feeling somewhat content, but only somewhat. I felt that all of the important things were included in the movie. So the people who haven't read the book understood the story fully. Oh and I cried like a big, big baby.
Though that's all fine and dandy, the movie was very rushed. There wasn't enough time to establish characters and relationships, especially the ones that involve Katniss. Just by the way, Jennifer Lawrence was amazeballs as Katniss. She made me cry heaps. Anyway, Katniss doesn't trust easily and the one person she trusted in the Capitol was Cinna, her stylist for the Games. I don't know if it was me, but they rarely spoke. Yet all of a sudden, she had embraced him. Also her relationship development with Peeta needed to last longer than a couple hugs and sweet nothings in a cave. How are non-readers supposed to believe his love for her if all they saw was three minutes of them snuggling? Even the flashback stuff of being the boy with the bread. I loved how that was shot but it didn't give have as strong of an impact as it did in the book. People who haven't read don't know that she was close to starvation and he only burnt the bread so he can give it to her and he risked getting in trouble for it.
I've talked to some friends who had not read the book beforehand and they all said the same thing. They couldn't feel for the characters because they didn't have enough establishment throughout the movie. A couple things I did love: getting to see what happened in the game center, Seneca Crane, Effie Trinket, the acting, the cinematography, and the little braid touch Peeta did before they almost ate nightlock. Yeah my heart died a little.
I mean I could go on about the bits that they forgot to mention (Peeta's fake leg anyone?) but I'll stop before this gets too long.

Anyway, don't you fret because Part 2 won't be this long. Smiles.

By the way, The Civil Wars make this song. Another Hunger Games song. I'm addicted I tell you.


iggy said...

I looooove the way you studded your blazer! awesome ;D

Mery Arbi said...

hi! i did not know about ur blog and is sooo cute!! i'm staying around as a follower, what about following eachother? :)


Ulrika said...

That blazer is just drop dead gorgeous!

Kisses !


Carrie said...

that jacket is killer!! your whole outfit is amazing!!...I loved loved loved the movie!! and now I love your blog!...following :D xxxx

The Desert Fox said...

WOW I love your blazer! I haven't read the book yet, so I'll return to this post postreadingandmoviewatching. :)


modishYou said...

i have just discovered your blog. Your blog is interesting, adorable! Look fashionable and i like your jacket very very much!!! Mind to follow each other?


Shiia.M said...

great look!!!!!!!!!

x :D

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