You stole my life...

It is a very lazy Saturday.
I have nothing to do today but it feels really good. So I guess I'll just update you all on life.

Last night Veronica and I had a little date night downtown. It was well-deserved in my opinion, we've been working so hard. Things are beginning to stress us out, and I felt dinner and a movie was a really good idea. Actually it wasn't dinner and a movie, it was a crap ton of cookies, movie, coffee, and Taco Bell. Smiles. We saw The Grey, and just saying, if you want to cry, maybe laugh, yell, and be scared as balls, go see this movie. Such a great choice on our part. It also reaffirmed my love for wolves, and Liam Neeson.

So this wolf thing. It's kind of unhealthy. Many figurines, shirts, and blankets of wolves surround my world. I've posted about wolves before and I think I'm super obsessed now. I think more wolves are in my future.

Other news.
Today is the Andy man's birthday.

I just wanted to give a birthday shout out to this guy who has been there for me through the roller coaster that is my life. He's been a great help. Some people may not understand us but that's okay. Anyway, happy birthday to him. Smiles.

Super Bowl XLVI is tomorrow. Veronica and I are going to jam. Hope everyone has an awesome Super Bowl Sunday.

Sorry if this post was a little different than you're used to. It kind of reminded me of my old stuff from a couple years ago.

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