And I'm whole...

Oh the heat.
I haven't posted in a couple days. I'm blaming everything on the heat. Oh, and my mom turned 58 this weekend too. We celebrated all Saturday and Sunday. Woo.
First, my parents and I went to see The Real Love musical and Don McLean at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and I was really happy with it. My dad bought the tickets on a whim and we were really surprised how the musical turned out. And Don McLean was awesome. That is all.
Yesterday we met up with my sister and got some lunch at Cafe Bizou (yum) and then we saw One Day. I've wanted to read the book and watch the movie for some time now, and I'm glad we saw it because it was simply beautiful. It's been getting really bad reviews which I don't understand because it wasn't terrible at all. It was the opposite. And I'm glad I enjoyed it.
I had no idea what to wear. All I was thinking was to stay cool somehow. I've been wearing a lot of skirts. I haven't worn this great pleated gray skirt in a very long time so I thought why not?
Oh and that's me in the picture I gave my mom. Smiles.
Some photos for you to enjoy.

Other news.

1. I'm getting a little obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoe. I've mentioned them already before which shows how much I love them. I'm all about cheap thrills, you know that. But I have to get these shoes. Like unhealthy I need these shoes. I feel like these will never go out of style since they're not so over the top and the fact that everyone has them. And if they do go out of style, oh well. I'll still love em. My goal is to get them by Thanksgiving since that will be the first break I have from school. Hopefully I get them before then because again, I need them in my life.

2. I'm reading again which is good. I think it's the heat. I cannot stay in my house since it's always brutally hot so I go out and sit on my porch and just read and I occasionally people watch, and tweet random things. Right now I'm reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro which is going well. And yesterday I bought Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart, which I heard was pretty good. Can't wait to read it.

3. The VMA's were last night. A couple things: The Best Way to Tell the World That You're Pregnant Award went to Beyoncé when she opened her lovely sequined Dolce & Gabbana jacket to reveal her baby bump. Adele was simply amazing and she sang my favorite song by her "Someone Like You." Beautiful. I want to see her live. And lastly, Ms. Gaga wowed me just as much as last year, but she didn't need a meat dress or a giant egg this time. I adore her. As well as Jo Calderone.

That is all. Thanks for listening.


Listening to: Arms - Christina Perri


And we're coming to town...

I'm feeling a little different. I'm finally going out tonight with some friends, even if it's just for boba. A lot of people in my life have left for school already and yes I know it's just for school but I'm feeling just a little bit lonely. I still have a little less than a month until I go back to Santa Cruz. That's feeling like a long time to me. But I thought about it, and I decided to spend as much time with the friends that are still here before I go back to school. Crisis handled.

So anyway when I was cleaning up today, I looked on Twitter and saw that the new promo for the third season of Glee came out today, which features the cast being pelted by dodgeballs. That's one video I saw of them today. The second was their promo for Fashion's Night Out on Sept. 8th in which the cast (missing the lovely Naya Rivera) looked absolutely gorgeous. It made me really happy that Chord Overstreet was still in the video even though he won't be a regular on the show anymore. The man is gorgeous. I couldn't decide which of the guys looked the most yum - Darren Criss in all red? Mark Salling strutting around in his aviators? Chord Overstreet and Cory Monteith in their sexy suits? Can't decide. What I did decide is that I want Lea Michele's super glam sequin dresses. Oh and the fact that they covered Sir David Bowie made me extremely happy.

Speaking of the beautiful cast, two of their lovely ladies are cover girls for magazines of the month of September. Love them.

Absolutely can't wait for season three Sept. 20th. Smiles.

Listening to: Fashion - David Bowie


Faster than my bullet...

These past five days, which felt like ten days, were the best ever. Bestie Veronica came down and hung out with the gang in Monrovia and had a jammin' time.
We went The Americana in Glendale, and Burbank for the car show and to visit my sister at her work. It was super fun and I went into It's a Wrap! for the first time and I fell in love with a clutch that I couldn't afford. But anyway.
Last night I also said goodbye to besters Kristen and Christine since they're going off to college. So early. I don't go back until next month.
But yeah, Vern also left this afternoon, not before sneaking in a trip to the mall to get boba since it's her new favorite, and some Cuban food at Merengue. I was really sad. But only a month left now before I get to reunite with the Santa Cruz peeps. Woo.
Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Now enjoying some end of the weekend In-N-Out and coconut water. Beautiful.

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You can shine so bright...

So after a night of yummy boba and good times, bester Rosee tells me that the photoshoot we did a couple weekends ago for her final turned out really well. I love them as well. She used me along with a couple others. The first two are me. I keep saying she needs a website for her amazing photos. But until then, I will have to show them off for her.

I cannot wait to do another shoot with her. Smiles.


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I got the moves...

Surprise baby girl Kristen!!

So my bestie K had no idea that her boyfriend Dayton was throwing her a going away party last night. It was great. She thought we were going out for a girls night which would have been good too but having everyone there was better. I will really miss that little girl. I'm not ready to say goodbye to her yet. I've never been super far away from her. BYU. Santa Cruz. Not that close.
But anyway she had a great time and I'm glad.

I only have a couple pictures before we went out since I brought my 35mm. I need to develop pictures faster. I'm kinda bad at that. Anyway I wore the skirt I bought at Fairfax and it turned out pretty well. Everyone looked great. I will update this once I have the pictures.

Oh and hello!! Veronica is here everyone!! Woo.
More pictures later. Let's see if tonight is as successful as last night.


Oh so you guys have to watch this video of Adam Levine in Maroon 5's new song Moves Like Jagger. I mean, look at him. Yum.

Listening to: Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera


Take it as a song...

So I just had a great sister weekend!

I haven't slept over my sister's house since the Eisley concert and that was only for a night. I spent the whole weekend with her. Yesterday, I went to the Fairfax flea market and Shareen's with her, her best friend Kate, and her sister Megan and we had a grand old time.
I bought a great red skirt and some vintage pins for a DIY surprise I better finish by fall.

And tomorrow, bestie Veronica is coming down to visit for the week and I'm so excited!!!

I need lots of coffee and macarons for this week. It's going to be awesome.


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We'll be young forever...

Blake Lively in Gucci/ Zoe Saldana in Lanvin/ Kourtney Kardashian in Blaque Label

Okay so I love watching the Teen Choice Awards. Yes I admit it. I've watched it every year since it began in 1999. I was seven and I wanted to be a teen so badly and now I'm almost leaving my teenage years. So yeah that's a little glimpse into my past.

Anyway, I love the outfits that are worn at the Teen Choice Awards because I think it's a difficult event to dress for since it's not fancy but it's not super casual either. Some people made terrible choices tonight. But some got it right. And when people get it right, I give them major props. Like these lovely ladies. Although I would only wear Zoe and Kourtney's dress, I had to include the beautiful Blake Lively just because she's gorgeous and makes any dress look beautiful.

By the way, yesterday I had a great photoshoot by the lovely bester Rosee Rose. Once I see them and hopefully get copies, I might post some on here.

P.S. If you have followed me from the beginning, you made have noticed I took a small hiatus from blogspot for a while. I still made drafts and what not but I never published them. I sort of had a love/hate relationship with blogging. So I decided I would publish them one by one. I figured it's part of my life, I might as well share it.


Every siren is a symphony...

Like I said last post.
Another beautiful shoot. This time of Dianna Agron for the August issue of Flaunt magazine.
I adore the look of the entire thing.
Oh, and I apologize for the lack of outfit posts lately. Needing more inspiration.


Where we know we both belong...

Happy August! I have a treat for the eyes for you all!
This is another post mentioning the lovely Mila Kunis.
Why you may ask? Because I can't get enough of her.
She's a guy's girl, a girl's girl, a guy's guy, everything and I love her.

Since I'm doing a photoshoot this Saturday which I am really excited about, this week's posts will probably be all about beautiful photoshoots. And this photoshoot for the August issue of Elle magazine is beautiful. I would love to do one like it.

Listening to: The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga
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