Shake it out...

So I have about an hour until 2012 gets here so I'll hurry it up.

I just wanted to say that 2011 wasn't exactly what I would have hoped it would be. I think I pretty much summed it up on Twitter when I said that the theme of 2011 for me was that sometimes, things don't always go as planned, even though you plan out every detail. But that's what a new year is all about. It's time to say goodbye to mistakes and welcome in some new mistakes. But that's life, and we still love it.

Though it wasn't what I expected, there were still some great adventures. I'll leave you with some of my favorite moments of this year. Smiles.



Sheyla said...

Aw that a lovely post!

These photos really radiate happiness!

For me 2011 was also like that. Many things were unexpected but I'm grateful for having gone through it all because I learned new things.

I wish you the best for 2012 Victoria.


Lainey said...

So long 2011, hello 2012!! Hopefully it'll be ├╝ber fantastic! Love you! Can't wait for tomorrow.

Michelle Lee said...

happy new year :)


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