Heaven is place on earth with you...

Hi blog family!
So a couple of things.

1. I haven't had internet in my apartment for the longest time so I've trekked to the library of all places to do my blogging. That is how much I love you all. Since I don't have internet I've been bugging Veronica and watching Youtube videos with her since she has internet. We saw that Urban Decay is coming out with a second Naked Palette. I really wanted the first one... And now I want the second one.

2. The next time I'll be blogging probably won't be until I get home for winter break because of all of the finals and studying and packing and what not I need to do before Tuesday which is when I'm coming home. Thank the Lord. Thanksgiving break was not long enough.

3. I'm really happy I thought about Inspiration Wednesday because it keeps me thinking about my blog and giving all of you guys something to read. So today is another one I'm excited to show you.

4. My last post about Thanksgiving didn't have a Christmas Lust List ending attached to it because I didn't have any more to show you guys but never fear. I have another set of things added to my list.

So first, the inspiration.

We all know how close I am with my sister. As you can see, my inspiration this week is sisters. Especially since I am super excited for my photoshoot with my big sissy this coming break. She is a huge inspiration in my life in everything and we love other sisters who inspire us.
1. Dakota and Elle Fanning (These girls are practically cherubs. Love them.)
2. Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian (Don't care what people say, they are so entertaining to watch. Haha.)
3. Natalie and Dylana Suarez (My sister, along with these two girlies, made me want to start blogging. Smiles.)
4. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Um, duh.)

Here's an update on the Christmas Lust List.

All the over the knee socks I have are black. Why is that? I now want these red ones and some charcoal gray ones. Yay.
Beautiful. Enough said.
It's really bad because I want these only because I see them everywhere. But I really do want a pair. I think they're cutesies.
On Black Friday, my sister and I saw this book at Barnes & Noble and our jaws dropped. It's a huge as balls book. I just thought, Oh my god, all my dreams. (If you get my reference I'll love you forever.)

Also thank you to my sister who showed me this song.


I work out...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did.
I am so exhausted from today's shopping. This will be short unfortunately.
So the title of this post is a little bit of a lie. I haven't stopped eating since I've been home. It's so bad. But awesome. It's just a line from the song my dad hasn't stopped singing since he heard it on the radio.
But anyway. Here are some of photos from my wonderful day. I'll probably update with more. So thankful for everyone in my life.


I don't want to go back. I love being home.
By the way, I'm thinking about going a little lighter on my ends. Let me know what you think. Smiles.


And my heart died...


A very busy Wednesday indeed, but that is no reason to skip our beloved Inspiration Wednesday.
I am finally home in my lovely hometown of Monrovia. I got here last night and it feels like I had never left for Santa Cruz. Smiles.
I had such a long day, got a flu shot, made a crap ton of cake pops (not too bad for my first time, who needs Starbucks? Winky face), then met up with the sister after her work and finally went to see Like Crazy at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks. I loved it because it was Like Crazy, but I have mixed feelings about the entirety of it and the story. I don't know if that makes sense. Oh well, that's why I'm not a movie critic. Just go see it is my advice.

The inspiration for today (especially my outfit choice) comes from two of my favorite bloggers, Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty, and Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast.
I feel that a lot of my styling of outfits and purchases come from these two lovely ladies, especially recently. I find that both of them are edgy yet sophisticated and polished at the same time and I love that. They can wear spikes and have it look proper. It's kind of something I strive for in my looks all the time, and they are the reason I do. I'm almost twenty and I feel
like it's getting to the point where I have to have my own style figured out for the rest of my life. They are helping me find that. Smiles.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving! And shopping, which means, Lust List time.

Who doesn't want to own a pair of red booties???
I love this shirt. I think they're out of black which sucks. But anything from Romwe is kind of awesome. Amazeballs in fact. I'd be happy with any piece of clothing they sell to me. That might be taking it too far but you get it. Smiles.
Do you hate it as much as I do when they turn novels into movies before you get a chance to read them? I don't hate them for doing it, I just kinda hate myself for not getting to it before they do. I need to read this. Two words - Emma and Watson.
I don't even know if these exist anymore, but I saw them on Andy from Style Scrapbook and I fell in love. Enough said.

Have a great holiday all! I know I will.



Take a photograph...


So sorry about the late posting. I haven't had internet for the past couple of days and I hate it. Especially being in college and not being able to do anything. But the thought of going home tomorrow is making me feel really good. So excited to see my fam and besties for Thanksgiving.

I couldn't believe my sister and Geo were in Santa Cruz. Veronica and I needed a break from life and that day was perfect. We had yummy Burger and I was really freaking happy.
Enjoy the photos. An Inspiration Wednesday is comin' soon. Smiles.

More lust list for you in the meantime.

I have a new love for trousers. All kinds, tapered and wide. I don't have any wide ones yet so I want.
I have a Polaroid camera I have yet to use. Someone please get me film.
Dylana Suarez from Color Me Nana has these shoes and I fell in love with them. They look good with everything. Everything.
I love the cut of dresses like these. Just anything that's cut like this would be really nice. Love.



One step closer...

Another Inspiration Wednesday comin' at ya!

Today, my sister and Geo came to visit me for a couple of hours and took Veronica and I out for lunch at where else? Burger. I love them. That post is coming up a little later. We took lots of pictures so don't worry. Smiles.

So I have expressed my liking for the Twilight Saga multiple times on this blog. I'll admit, I do like it. But compare it to Harry Potter, I'll despise it because nothing will beat that. They even copied the two part thing but that doesn't matter. The point I'm making is I actually enjoy it. I'm not afraid to admit it.
Because first, I'm in love with Robert Pattinson (and pretty sure I'd date Kristen Stewart as well). I think the story is only pretty good because I feel it could have been written a whole lot better if it was written by someone else. The movies have gotten better as far as graphics and acting goes which makes me really happy because I was dying in the first one. And this whole thing has been a best friends group social thing. We've all read it and seen it at midnight together since I was a junior in high school.
While I'm a little sad I won't get to see it with the regular crew, I get to see it with bestie
Veronica on a little midnight date tomorrow night and I'm probably going to see the second part with her as well as the crew, next summer. We got our tickets a couple days ago and I am very excited.

So today's Inspiration Wednesday consists of the Twilight Saga throughout the years and
everything I have loved about it. Just to warn you - lots of photos coming up.

Oh and here are some more things from the Christmas Lust List.

I still haven't quite gotten the hang of my Diana camera which sucks balls but I'm trying. I feel like an idiot because I can't work it yet but I still want accessories for it. I realize I just like having things. Anyway.
I saw this a long time ago and thought Eh, people like it a lot but it's pretty plain. But then I saw it on Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast and she styled it so well that I want it now. I love her style. And it's pretty inexpensive for AA.
If you haven't yet listened to the songs on this, I suggest you do. The song for today's post, A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri, is lovely. And the wedding version of Flightless Bird, American Mouth, by Iron & Wine, is just beautiful. I didn't think that song could get any better.
A lot of my favorite things wrapped into one: a soy candle, pumpkin, chai, and rings. Every one of their candles comes with a ring either worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5000. You can't go wrong. You have to burn them and then dig out the ring. It's great. I want one.

I might do a Kristen Stewart promoting Breaking Dawn fashion post soon after all of the hype is over.


Everything's an embrace...


Goodbye all black!
This was my last black outfit for run crew. I decided to make an outfit post for you all after we striked the stage and dressing room and everything was clean. I was really bummed to see it all go away. I'm going to miss giggling with the girls on the headset and running around telling actors what to do and hearing scandalous stories.
This blazer is still a work in progress as you can maybe tell. I got inspiration from Effy in the show Skins. Her jacket is amazeballs. I just need more pins.

More from the Christmas Lust List. Smiles.

I would love an ankle boot that I can wear with anything and that has a small chunky heel perfect for any occasion. This is what I would want them to look like. They don't even have to be these exact ones, I just want a pair.
Surprisingly I don't have a big scarf that isn't a tube scarf or an infinity scarf. I love this red one. It's so Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie.
These shirts are all I hear about everywhere. I kinda want to see what all the fuss is about. I also think that anything worn by the Olsen twins is amazeballs.
I'm not one to have more than one hole in my ears so I love the idea of ear cuffs. Also, this one is super cool. It's so different from every other one I've seen. I want it.

So excited for this week. Love you all.



So glide away...


Happy Saturday!
I just love fall. You know why? Pumpkin Spiced lattes. They are my love every season.
If you follow me on Twitter, I will be posting a photo every time I get one. Let's see how many I have by the end of the season. And Veronica posts pics of her Peppermint White mochas too. Follow her here. Smiles.
I haven't actually dressed up for something in a while because it was raining cats and dogs and I stuck to my big mens Forever 21 jacket and it was all I wore all the time. I figured today was a nice day so I'll dress up. I got the red blazer at Salvation Army and I had yet to wear it but it's my new favorite.

Life is getting so much better. Maybe because I'm going home for Thanksgiving really soon and my sister is coming to visit me this week and bester Kristen is staying in Santa Cruz for a while. Maybe. I'm really excited.
If you haven't heard, I'm doing run crew for a show at UCSC and the last show is tomorrow. Doing this show made me really miss doing theatre and acting. It made me extremely busy but I am very sure I will miss it a lot afterward.
Oh and I dyed my hair again but it's fading. Again. I need a lighter color.
Lately, I've been busy with the show, eating lots of food, trying to study, and playing Modern Warfare 3 with Veronica. Smiles.
Anyway. I'm excited for life. What are you all excited for?

Here are some more things from the Christmas Lust List.

I need a true red lipstick before I change my mind. This one is gorge. And it's from their new collection.
I love the look of old cameras. Especially when they are not that expensive. And I absolutely love 35 mm cameras.
This film looks so cool when it gets developed. I need to have it for my Nikon 35mm camera.
Ryan Gosling. Enough said.



Every time she closed her eyes...

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed me saying something about a little thing called Inspiration Wednesday.

I realized that I have things in my life that get me through the day most of the time, and these can be anything ranging from my thoughts to what foods I've been wanting or eating to people that play a role in my life. I thought I would share them with you every Wednesday because first, everyone needs a little something to give them a boost on Hump Day. I know I do. Also, this will keep me blogging at least once a week even if I get too busy to post anything else during the week. I can't abandon this blog again. I did once and I regret it very much. I'm glad I'm back and happy that all of you care about what I have to say. Smiles.

But anyway. This first Inspiration Wednesday consists of my current loves at the moment which makes me very happy.

1. Free People's November catalog. If you haven't looked through it yet, you're missin' out. I love how they go through the decades and the different amazing styles each one had.
2. Studs and spikes. I have been obsessed with them since I made shorts for myself and my sister. I'm ordering them in bulk now since I feel like studding everything I effing own. And these Jeffrey Campbell spiked Litas are gorge. They are the next Jeffrey Campbells I will buy for sure.
3. Supernovae. I'm currently in an astronomy class this quarter and right now we're learning about supernovae. I absolutely love what a supernova looks like. Anything with a galaxy print I love. It reminds me of the Christopher Kane Galaxy Collection. And yes I want all of it.
4. Like Crazy. I posted the trailer for this movie on here about a month ago or something and I can't wait to see it with my sister when I go home for Thanksgiving. It's beautiful to look at and I will be posting about it again in the near future.

So I hope you all enjoyed Inspiration Wednesday.
Here are more things on the Christmas Lust List that you can enjoy as well. Smiles.

This dress might not be on the site anymore which is really sad because it's my favorite dress from ASOS, along with this one and this one. It's gorge. Love paisley prints.
Such a good album to have on vinyl. If you don't love Justin Vernon, there's something wrong with you. Beautiful.
I have mentioned this sexy shoe briefly before. It's a great black pump to wear with any dress and it's simple but it still has an edge and that's what I love.
I've posted about this nail polish before when I saw it on Kristen Stewart. Still want it.

Anyway. xo


Standing on my own two feet...

Just another day at school.
I wore this outfit to class yesterday. This was before it started raining hard as balls. It was a very good break from the all the black I have to wear for the show. And it was just a comfortable outfit to wear. But I apologize for my weirdness in the pictures. I had no idea I was going to put this outfit in a post.

So over the past couple of days, I have been in a little funk with life here in Santa Cruz. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love it here. But I need a break. I not only want to go home, I NEED to go home. Even for a little bit. I am going banana sandwich here. I can't wait for the sister and bester to visit me here. And I abso-freaking-lutely can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving. I know I said that in the last post, but I can't say it enough.

But enough of the pity party.
As promised, here are more things from the Christmas Lust List, which always makes me smile.

I have always wanted a pair like this. Always. Because everyone knows that they will never go out of style ever.
2. Adam Levine (Just kidding.) Who The Fuck Is Mick Jagger shirt mens M
This shirt is kinda legendary. Originally worn by Keith Richards and now sexy Adam Levine in his "Moves Like Jagger" video. I want.
I have a new love for weird-looking maxi skirts. This one is lovely.
This camera is amazing. I've seen the pictures it takes because Rosee Rose has one and it's just fun times. I feel like I have too many cameras but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Smiles.



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