You rose to claim it...

A couple of things.

I haven't blogged about her in forever and I'm really happy I'm doing it now.
Emma Watson.

If you haven't seen her in her new Lancôme commercial for Trésor Midnight Rose, first, shame on you for not seeing it because she's gorgeous. But it's all good, I've come to rescue you. Enjoy.

Lovely. I think she looks absolutely beautiful. Enough said.

Another thing. I'm going to the beach tomorrow for the first time this summer, which is unacceptable for me because it's almost fall. But I'm excited. I'm doing a mini photoshoot with the bester Rosee Rose.

Listening to: Set Fire to the Rain - Adele


augustalolita said...

this is the 1st ive seen this!! she looks amazing as always <3

Diminuendo said...

I'm convinced that Emma Watson is an angel.


Lainey said...

She looks gorgeous as always, but the commercial makes me giggle. I can't wait to see pics from the shoot. This better not be the headdress shoot, because we're supposed to do that together. :)

Victoria said...

No it was just a fun beach shoot. Don't worry. :)

<3, V


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