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The past couple days have been a little cold, there was even rain on Sunday. But it was effing hot today. Couldn't believe it. I heard L.A. was having a weird warm/cold thing too.
But anyway, once it starts getting really cold in Santa Cruz, I'm going to want to be back in Monrovia for some fake fall weather so I can wear these outfits, since they're pretty cute, but not really warm. I already want to be back, if only for a little.
I made some outfits on Polyvore all centering around shoes. These are the four go-to pairs of shoes I want to get for this fall and winter. I already have the Litas (thanks sissy). I have never been more in love with a pair of shoes. But all these other shoes are on the Lust List.

2. Black Leather Colie Pump - Jessica Simpson
3. Black Patent Loafers - H&M
4. Red Kimchi Blue Lace-Up Cone Heel Boot - Urban Outfitters

Oh and if you haven't seen the trailer for Like Crazy yet, here it is. I'm in a mood.
I saw it when I went to see One Day. Don't cry like I did.

Listening to: Can't Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson


diana kang said...

all your pics are so amazing for fall xx

Diminuendo said...

Felicity Jones is beautiful.

Lainey said...

I want everything!! And I want to see Like Crazy with you. Promise you'll see it with me?

Victoria said...


<3, V

Sheyla said...

Awesome outfits you've put together there! Definitely following you :)


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