Now it's time to sing along...

Some good things and bad things.
Of course, bad things first.

1. Two days ago, on my sister's birthday, R.E.M. broke up after thirty-one years. I was so bummed out. The moment I found out, me, Veronica and Shawn put on "Everybody Hurts" and just listened to some R.E.M. for a while. So sad. Can't get over it.

2. College textbooks suck! I need a job real bad.

3. My sister turned 26 the other day and I didn't get to celebrate her actual day with her and the parents. Yes we celebrated last weekend but still. I miss her already. But I'm sure she had a great day. Okay this one was good and bad. She's the greatest sissy ever.
We sent her this at midnight. Smiles.

Okay some good stuffs.

1. I'm pretty sure I have the best schedule ever. All I need is a job to fill my afternoons.
1a. Also I love having a kitchen. Boo dining halls. I just hope I don't gain any weight again.

2. Glee. This show can make me happy any time. I've heard it's been losing it's heat but I don't care. I will be a Gleek forever. I mean have you seen Cory Monteith in Cosmo? I wanna be that model. So. Bad.

3. Some new things made the Lust List.
3a. Zara now has online shopping which is the best ever. I'm in love with a lot of things from their September lookbook.

3b. Alexa Chung for Madewell. Love.

Anyway. Solid week so far. Pretty excited for the rest of my sophomore year.


Lainey said...

Thanks sissy, I miss and love you too soooo much. I still wish you were coming tonight. :( Anyway, I'm glad to know school is going ok, except for the books. They're always expensive, ugh.

Daria said...

Such an inspiring post! Love the Zara's lookbook.


The Desert Fox said...

such a cute post, the looks posted are fab


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

ZARA'S lookbook was pretty rad wasn't it? i was just looking at it last night.

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

sure. just became a follower. please follow me back!

Victoria said...

Thanks! I will!



t said...

Nice looks!


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