I know it won't be long...

So September is now upon us!
This is good news, everyone, because September means a lot of things: the start of fall, new fall collections, Glee coming soon, school starting, Fashion's Night Out, new outfit opportunities, planning for Halloween, the works. So anyway.

First, some changes. I haven't been out of my house in forever (just a couple days, but still). I think it's my body saying, "If you go out, you'll buy clothes." It's kinda true. But anyway, today I actually got ready and left the house. I usually wear eyeliner every day just out of habit but today I did my whole face and eyes but without eyeliner. I have to say, it was really refreshing. You should try it. Another change. Yesterday I got out of the shower and looked at my hair and thought kinda blah so I parted my hair differently and gave myself some side swept bangs. I haven't had this look in a while so I decided to try it. I'll have an outfit post up soon, once I get inspired.

I absolutely love dressing for fall since it's my favorite season. Duh. I cannot wait for it to get colder. Although, I'm sure, once I get to Santa Cruz, it will be nice and chilly. Hopefully.
Some fall looks I'm loving from Free People:

Lastly, I was tweeting away yesterday and I came across a bromance I have loved from the beginning. I'm talking about Tupert, or Tom Felton and Rupert Grint. These two are the faces of the Band of Outsiders fall collection and I loved the photoshoot they did. The fact that it was done with Polaroid film made me even happier. I don't usually talk about mens fashion but I have to say, these boys look good. They are great looks for next season. Also, along with most of you all, I have been having Harry Potter withdrawals and this was just the right pick me up.
I'll leave you with these lovely boys.


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Lainey said...

I absolutely love this campaign. They both look so great. I wish Daniel was in it too, though.

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