But it's over now...

Yesterday was a Wednesday - Hump Day.
It's a day that kinda sucks almost worse than a Monday. And it was extremely hot outside. A great difference from today, which was misty and cold and gloomy. Great lounging weather.
But anyway, yesterday I was in a little funk because the morning was kinda cold so by the time I got out of my first and second class, it was burning up outside. So I survived my Hump Day by actually getting ready and wearing something suitable for the annoying weather. Oh and eating cookies. Smiles.

Veronica took some pictures while strolling along to our last class of the day. And yes, that is a cup of Dr. Pepper in my hand because it was amazingly hot as balls outside.
Then we took more pictures in our room. As you can see, I'm in much need of decoration on my side. Working on that soon.

Other things.
I love Kristen Stewart on the cover of W Magazine. Such a good change in looks for her. She's never this glamorous.
Oh, and I'm excited for Breaking Dawn in November. I'll admit it.
And I'm doubly excited for Snow White and the Huntsman with her and Chris Hemsworth.

Yup. A bunch of random Kristen Stewart news.
Oh, and click on the link to see her in a Marcus Foster music video I love. Smiles.
Beautiful song.




Take my hand...

Fall 1
Fall 2
Fall 4
Fall 3

The past couple days have been a little cold, there was even rain on Sunday. But it was effing hot today. Couldn't believe it. I heard L.A. was having a weird warm/cold thing too.
But anyway, once it starts getting really cold in Santa Cruz, I'm going to want to be back in Monrovia for some fake fall weather so I can wear these outfits, since they're pretty cute, but not really warm. I already want to be back, if only for a little.
I made some outfits on Polyvore all centering around shoes. These are the four go-to pairs of shoes I want to get for this fall and winter. I already have the Litas (thanks sissy). I have never been more in love with a pair of shoes. But all these other shoes are on the Lust List.

2. Black Leather Colie Pump - Jessica Simpson
3. Black Patent Loafers - H&M
4. Red Kimchi Blue Lace-Up Cone Heel Boot - Urban Outfitters

Oh and if you haven't seen the trailer for Like Crazy yet, here it is. I'm in a mood.
I saw it when I went to see One Day. Don't cry like I did.

Listening to: Can't Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson


Now it's time to sing along...

Some good things and bad things.
Of course, bad things first.

1. Two days ago, on my sister's birthday, R.E.M. broke up after thirty-one years. I was so bummed out. The moment I found out, me, Veronica and Shawn put on "Everybody Hurts" and just listened to some R.E.M. for a while. So sad. Can't get over it.

2. College textbooks suck! I need a job real bad.

3. My sister turned 26 the other day and I didn't get to celebrate her actual day with her and the parents. Yes we celebrated last weekend but still. I miss her already. But I'm sure she had a great day. Okay this one was good and bad. She's the greatest sissy ever.
We sent her this at midnight. Smiles.

Okay some good stuffs.

1. I'm pretty sure I have the best schedule ever. All I need is a job to fill my afternoons.
1a. Also I love having a kitchen. Boo dining halls. I just hope I don't gain any weight again.

2. Glee. This show can make me happy any time. I've heard it's been losing it's heat but I don't care. I will be a Gleek forever. I mean have you seen Cory Monteith in Cosmo? I wanna be that model. So. Bad.

3. Some new things made the Lust List.
3a. Zara now has online shopping which is the best ever. I'm in love with a lot of things from their September lookbook.

3b. Alexa Chung for Madewell. Love.

Anyway. Solid week so far. Pretty excited for the rest of my sophomore year.


Just a little bit longer now...

So I haven't been blogging for a while.
This is due to the fact that I am now currently in my new apartment in Santa Cruz, still fixing some things here and there. But I am loving being back in this wonderful city. One I have completely moved in, there will definitely be some pictures.

Since I have been back, I've been super busy setting my room up, getting groceries, celebrating my sissy's birthday, and spending some quality time with the family since the next time I will be seeing them will be Thanksgiving most likely which is really sad.
My parents and sister left yesterday afternoon after a wonderfully exhausting weekend. We celebrated the sister's birthday at this amazing bistro Hoffman's in downtown for the second year in a row. Only this time, bestie Veronica was brought along. She's family now anyway. I got really bummed about not being able to go to my sister's birthday dinner this weekend. One of the things I don't like about being six hours away from Monrovia, not being able to see my family anytime I want. But I digress.

Now happy things. The dinner at Hoffman's was amazeballs and the sister's birthday equals successful. Favorite thing about fall weather in Santa Cruz? It's actually FALL WEATHER! Not the weakling hot/cold we have in SoCal (as much as I love being from SoCal). I got to finally wear the mustard sweater I bought from H&M's fall collection in the sweltering heat of August. Smiles.

But anyway. A lot of things need to be done. Just wanted to update you all on the crazy life.
Back to work!
P.S. Happy early birthday to my beautiful sister over at Lainey Turns the Camera On whose birthday is tomorrow! Now time for some Glee and New Girl. Smiles.



You hit me like a vision...

Fashion Week was upon us all. Yet who's outfits did I lust after?
The men.

Who doesn't love a well dressed man? And in suits no less. I cannot stop looking at these photos.
The ones that shined st Simon Spurr and Tommy Hilfiger were not the models, but the front rows.
Enjoy. I know I did.

Brad Goreski, Bryan Greenberg, Ed Westwick, and Sebastian Stan at Simon Spurr

Ed Westwick, Brad Richards, James Marsden, and Kellan Lutz at Tommy Hilfiger

My favorite look in particular was Kellan Lutz's three-piece suit. That man knows how to dress. Beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, more Emma Watson for you. She's on the cover of Elle France this month. I couldn't help myself. Smiles.

Other news.
This is my last week in Monrovia before I go back to Santa Cruz. Hopefully, I will still be blogging as much as I would like to. I'm feeling torn right now because I want to go back but at the same time, I want to stay. All I know is, this week better jammin'.

Listening to: Brighter Than the Sun - Colbie Caillat


You rose to claim it...

A couple of things.

I haven't blogged about her in forever and I'm really happy I'm doing it now.
Emma Watson.

If you haven't seen her in her new Lancôme commercial for Trésor Midnight Rose, first, shame on you for not seeing it because she's gorgeous. But it's all good, I've come to rescue you. Enjoy.

Lovely. I think she looks absolutely beautiful. Enough said.

Another thing. I'm going to the beach tomorrow for the first time this summer, which is unacceptable for me because it's almost fall. But I'm excited. I'm doing a mini photoshoot with the bester Rosee Rose.

Listening to: Set Fire to the Rain - Adele



I got the best surprise today.

First of all, I cut my bangs again. I want them to be long but not too long by the time it gets to Christmas time. I have a vision. Anyway, today I felt was going to be a good day since I was going shopping in Pasadena with the mother and sissy. We kinda had a girls day which was very fun. But before all that, I was in my room getting ready and deciding what shoes to wear and my sister calls me into the living room. She surprises me with none other than the Jeffrey Campbell Litas that I've been ranting about for forever!!! Now we have matching Jeffrey Campbells since she has the Foxy shoe. Yay! I cried. Seriously. Love my big sissy.

Before all that happened, I decided that today was the day I would take the picture for the Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest. This was the picture I entered. Help me win by finding and commenting me here.

So anyway, I feel grand. How about you all? Smiles.


Listening to: Cheers (Drink to That) - Rihanna


I know it won't be long...

So September is now upon us!
This is good news, everyone, because September means a lot of things: the start of fall, new fall collections, Glee coming soon, school starting, Fashion's Night Out, new outfit opportunities, planning for Halloween, the works. So anyway.

First, some changes. I haven't been out of my house in forever (just a couple days, but still). I think it's my body saying, "If you go out, you'll buy clothes." It's kinda true. But anyway, today I actually got ready and left the house. I usually wear eyeliner every day just out of habit but today I did my whole face and eyes but without eyeliner. I have to say, it was really refreshing. You should try it. Another change. Yesterday I got out of the shower and looked at my hair and thought kinda blah so I parted my hair differently and gave myself some side swept bangs. I haven't had this look in a while so I decided to try it. I'll have an outfit post up soon, once I get inspired.

I absolutely love dressing for fall since it's my favorite season. Duh. I cannot wait for it to get colder. Although, I'm sure, once I get to Santa Cruz, it will be nice and chilly. Hopefully.
Some fall looks I'm loving from Free People:

Lastly, I was tweeting away yesterday and I came across a bromance I have loved from the beginning. I'm talking about Tupert, or Tom Felton and Rupert Grint. These two are the faces of the Band of Outsiders fall collection and I loved the photoshoot they did. The fact that it was done with Polaroid film made me even happier. I don't usually talk about mens fashion but I have to say, these boys look good. They are great looks for next season. Also, along with most of you all, I have been having Harry Potter withdrawals and this was just the right pick me up.
I'll leave you with these lovely boys.


Listening to: You Belong to Me - Cobra Starship
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