You electrify my life...

Ryan Gosling in Gucci and Emma Stone in Tom Ford for 'Crazy Stupid Love'

Justin Timberlake in Simon Spurr and Mila Kunis in Lanvin for 'Friends With Benefits'

Oh these premiere duos.
The premieres of Crazy Stupid Love and Friends With Benefits happened this past week and I have to comment on the fashion worn. I don't know if these couples are actually couples in real life, but I wouldn't mind if they were because they looked incredibly stunning.

Let me start with the men. You can never go wrong with a classic black suit but when you can step it up a notch, it shows style sense. JT wore a cool light gray suit which made Kunis stand out even more. Mr. Gosling could not have looked any hotter in his checkered Gucci suit which stood out against Emma Stone's array of lace.
Speaking of Emma Stone, a lot of people hated this dress. It was a lace structured hip Tom Ford dress and people said it made her hips look a lot bigger than they are. I can't see anyone else wearing this dress unless they're Lady Gaga. I loved it on her, it didn't make her hips look big at all and I thought it was a good risk on her part.
To put it simply, Mila Kunis looked hot. And of course she did, because hello? She's Mila Kunis. Her whole look was sleek, including her hair and her dress. Not a lot of people would look that good in a body-hugging dress but she did. And the fact that the dress falls past her knees makes me love her even more because she didn't need to make it a short dress in order to look sexy. She is definitely a style crush of mine and just a crush in general because I love her.

So you all know, I've been craving heels. Unfortunately, (but not really) I found another pair I would love to snag for myself.

DV by Dolce Vita Wyatt shoe in black suede. Another Lust List member.

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For you, I am blinded...

I'm going to just talk about some things. I haven't done that in a while.

After Harry Potter ended, I went into somewhat of a depression, but not really. I was kind of lethargic and slept in my Snape shirt for five nights in a row. I didn't dress up really for anything I did. And I hated being at home. I want to go back to Santa Cruz like now even though I don't want to, at the same time. I don't know.

This past week has been pretty rough. I got some news on Monday that kind of shook my family up and I won't bring up any details but I have to say, I am always surprised at how the human mind works. No one can learn how it works, it's just impossible. I swear. But anyway, I've had to deal with the news on my own since no one understands my side of it except for my sister. I don't understand it myself.

Everything you do in life is a decision. Decisions that you make can be absolutely terrible or they can be incredibly right. Some decisions can either turn out good or bad. The one that was made on Monday is one of those decisions. It is one that still has hope, in my opinion. It's horrible right now, but later on, I hope it will feel better and be better for all of us.
I feel like I should make a decision like this in my own situation. The sucky thing is, I can't make decisions for the life of me. It's really hard. I don't know how to go about doing it.
That's one of my many problems.

Thankfully, I have things to calm me down, or distract me, if you will. I've decided to start making feather earrings and sell them for a profit. Something I love doing and making money while I'm doing it. I'm only selling to friends right now but hopefully the business will take off.

Today I'm getting a much needed break from life. Megan is taking me rollerskating tonight and I'm excited to try it for the first time. Wish me luck.
I am also excited for some In-N-Out tonight. Smiles.

By the way, sorry that this post didn't make any sense whatsoever.


A final moment in the dead of night...

So my childhood is officially over, everyone.

It was the end of a great tradition.
I had my homemade Deathly Hallows sweater on with Snape shirt underneath, and book in tow as I waited all day in line with my sis and friends awaiting our beloved Harry Potter at midnight.
The Warner Bros. logo came on and a shot of Severus Snape and I already started crying because I knew it was all ending. Twelve years of my life, I've been devoted to this boy named Harry Potter and it's all over. But it will always live in our hearts.
All throughout the movie, I was crying my eyes out. I never got a break. Once I started recovering from one thing, the next thing had to make me cry too. But overall, this movie was amazing. It's filmed the best. I may be saying that because it has two parts but still, it was the most complete. And I loved it. Loved it. Thank you, Harry.


Turns me to gold in the sunlight...

Happy birthday to my awesome dad!

Today, the family and I went to lunch in Beverly Hills at Buddha's Belly which was absolutely yum. I already love curry, and I think I fell in love with it even more because of this restaurant. After that, we walked around The Grove and shopped around and we basically had a great day. Tomorrow is Harry Potter day, and I'm going to have another great day.

Lately I've been craving heels. I want so many and I've realized that I don't have any close-toed heels which baffles me. But I found some that I would like to wear this fall or even right now.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoe in taupe. Love. Can you say Lust List?

So tomorrow is all about Harry Potter. Last time I will be basically camping out for this.



Your dreams are the same as mine...

Emma Watson through the years...

Yes, I know this is not eight dresses for the eight movie premieres she has attended for Harry Potter, but I got carried away. Since Order of the Phoenix, she has gotten so much better at dressing for these events that I have decided to put both her world premiere dress with her US premiere dress in the timeline of her dresses for you all to enjoy. Before our very eyes, she has grown up to become an inspiration to me as a fashion goddess and also just an amazing person. Hers is the career I would want to have over anybody's. No drama, tabloids or anything. Just great movies, great fashion and modeling, and a wonderful personality.

I cannot wait for this movie to come out. Serious. I will weep.

Listening to: Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars


It feels like home to me...

I really don't want this to end.
The last world premiere of Harry Potter happened two days ago in Trafalgar Square in the UK for the Deathly Hallows Part II and it was a tear fest. The cast and crew were crying, especially Emma Watson as she made a speech about her experience. The photos of them crying made me really sad. It breaks my heart. I couldn't even imagine. I'm only a fan and I can't even let Harry Potter go. It's been about twelve years. Twelve years I've been obsessing over these books and movies about this boy named Harry Potter. It was my entire childhood, and now my childhood is officially ending. In a week, it all ends.

You probably have figured out that this next week's roll of blogs that you will see from me will be about Harry Potter. Everything Harry. The first of them is the premiere and the gorgeous Oscar de la Renta tulle dress that Emma Watson wore as she bawled her pretty eyes out. I've been going on and on about how amazing she is and how amazing her sense of style is and the dress she wore was the perfect one to end her reign as Hermione Granger.

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Let your colors burst...

Happy 4th one and all!
Almost about to leave for Myrtle Ave. to have a picnic with the fam before the fireworks show.
I just thought I'd sneak in an outfit post. I had no idea what to wear today. I'm not really the festive type when it comes to Independence Day but I wanted to be. Just a little.
For those of you who don't know what to wear today, I made some sets on Polyvore for you to enjoy and get inspiration from. Love you all.
Enjoy the day.
Flag 1
Flag 2


All through the daylight...

Just some photos from my day out with the family.
We went to the Americana in Glendale, had a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory and dessert at Crumbs Bake Shop. Sister at Lainey Turns the Camera On and I love cupcakes. Especially red velvet. Yum. Smiles.


Oh and bester Kristen told me last night about her new blog Better Off With A Federoff which you all need to follow. I love that kid. Smiles.

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We love just because...

Yesterday I went to Warped Tour in Pomona with Andy. And I was beastly.
I'm absolutely exhausted and still a little (okay, a lot) sore since I got a sunburn from being out in the sun all day and people fell on top of me and I was elbowing bodies everywhere and you know what goes on at Warped. I didn't get as sunburned as Andy though. I felt so bad, for him and myself. But In-N-Out never tasted so good afterward. Smiles.
When I develop the pictures from my film camera I will post them.
I have two words. Simple. Plan. They were my favorite part of the day. Especially their lead singer, Pierre Bouvier. So sexy. I loved all of the bands we saw, even August Burns Red, which is definitely not my type of music. We found a new band that I actually enjoyed by accident called It Boys and I was really happy. Thank you Simple Plan, 3OH!3, It Boys, August Burns Red, Every Avenue, Less Than Jake, and Set Your Goals for a great day.


Listening to: We Are Young - 3OH!3
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