To slow down the time...

Do you love the feeling of stumbling upon something great that you didn't know was going to be so amazing? I know I do.
Today, Veronica and I were driving around Santa Cruz, not doing our work but procrastinating and getting food. We passed by a yard sale and we decided to stop by even though I didn't want to buy anything. That doesn't happen in my book ever, because I always leave a store with something. It's a wonderful weakness of mine. So after looking around the yard sale, we both left with a 35mm camera in tow, and a cassette player. I got the cassette player for bester Kristen but she doesn't know that yet. I already have one since I love making people mix tapes.
But anyway, I bought my new old camera and cassette player for a whopping $1 each! It's a 90's-ish Nikon automatic zoom camera and I can't wait to get film for it. Veronica got a manual Canon which was also good. We're so excited.

Listening to: Lost in the World - Kanye West ft. Bon Iver

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