There's a fire starting in my heart...

Veronica likes to take Hipstamatic pictures of me.
One is from a couple weeks ago and one was from today. I think they look pretty cool.

I can't wait until I have my own iPhone so I can take my own Hipstamatic pictures.
But anyway. Today, we went downtown. I didn't want to spend any money (any more money), but of course I bought something once again.

I got a great vintage blazer from Salvation Army. It's like my 12,000th black blazer but it's different. I say that about all my blazers. This had white lapels that look like lightning bolts. I couldn't just leave it there.

I can't wait to wear it. Smiles.


1 comment:

Lainey said...

This blazer is the shiznit. I already told you that in person, but I felt like saying it again.

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