I'm gonna marry the night...

Two words. Lady. Gaga.

Today, Gaga's third album Born This Way came out and I am thrilled. Yes, I've already heard most of it with Veronica, Shawn and Derek but I would be very happy to own it and hold it in my hands.
And guess what? My parents bought it for me and I love them. I can't wait to listen to it all weekend since I'm going to be home. Smiles.

So in celebrating my week of Gaga, I went on Polyvore and thought of different outfits to wear that have to do with her.

1. Of course once I get her cd onto my iPod, I'm going to be listening to it nonstop. This first outfit will be me this summer, walking around the streets of Monrovia with my headphones on.
Gaga Easy Listening
2. If for some wonderful reason, I get to go to some fancy celebrity event and I get to meet Gaga and we take a picture together, I would wear this outfit.
Gaga Special Occasion

3. I am dead set on going to see her in concert for her next tour. Meeting her would be insane and I wouldn't know what to say. If I go to her concert, of course I'm dressing up. Little Monsters always dress up. And I am a Little Monster.


La Mode En Rose said...

cool sets! = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Lainey said...

Great choices!! I am obsessing over that coral maxi dress. Drools.

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