I'm as free as my hair...

I'm back in Santa Cruz after a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.
And yes I got a haircut. It's a little different but not too much. I just needed a little change. Smiles.

I had some great fun with the besters at the carnival at my church that happens every Memorial Day weekend. Drinking horchata was very refreshing and it's tradition. I debuted my look at the fiesta and bester Kristen took some pictures of us. She's something of a style guru herself. She needs to have her own blog.
Only a couple more weeks of school left. Woo.



I'm gonna marry the night...

Two words. Lady. Gaga.

Today, Gaga's third album Born This Way came out and I am thrilled. Yes, I've already heard most of it with Veronica, Shawn and Derek but I would be very happy to own it and hold it in my hands.
And guess what? My parents bought it for me and I love them. I can't wait to listen to it all weekend since I'm going to be home. Smiles.

So in celebrating my week of Gaga, I went on Polyvore and thought of different outfits to wear that have to do with her.

1. Of course once I get her cd onto my iPod, I'm going to be listening to it nonstop. This first outfit will be me this summer, walking around the streets of Monrovia with my headphones on.
Gaga Easy Listening
2. If for some wonderful reason, I get to go to some fancy celebrity event and I get to meet Gaga and we take a picture together, I would wear this outfit.
Gaga Special Occasion

3. I am dead set on going to see her in concert for her next tour. Meeting her would be insane and I wouldn't know what to say. If I go to her concert, of course I'm dressing up. Little Monsters always dress up. And I am a Little Monster.


There's a fire starting in my heart...

Veronica likes to take Hipstamatic pictures of me.
One is from a couple weeks ago and one was from today. I think they look pretty cool.

I can't wait until I have my own iPhone so I can take my own Hipstamatic pictures.
But anyway. Today, we went downtown. I didn't want to spend any money (any more money), but of course I bought something once again.

I got a great vintage blazer from Salvation Army. It's like my 12,000th black blazer but it's different. I say that about all my blazers. This had white lapels that look like lightning bolts. I couldn't just leave it there.

I can't wait to wear it. Smiles.



Following my heart...

This is my beautiful mother when she modeled. My favorite picture of her.
I wish I could have been with her on Mother's Day. I miss her.
But never fear! I will be home this next weekend to see my wonderful Eisley! Woo!
Happy Mother's Day mom!
Love you. Smiles.


I'm just a holy fool...


New thing on the Lust List.

I am obsessed with this dress from American Apparel. And trying it on today did not help me at all since I fell in love with it even more. Veronica and I went shopping downtown for swimsuits and I ended up trying the dress on.
I did the whole taking pictures of myself in the dressing room like a crazy person and I really want it. I am super set on getting this dress either for bester Kristen's senior recital or just to wear because it's beautiful.
I don't think they do it justice online but what can you do?

Oh and have you seen the music video for Gaga's Judas? If not, you should.


Keep on dancing...

Met Gala 2011

Some beautifully interesting outfits to celebrate the amazing Alexander McQueen.

Blake Lively - Chanel Haute Couture/ Ginnifer Goodwin - Topshop/ Diane Kruger - Jason Wu

Michelle Williams - Miu Miu/ Dianna Agron - Michael Kors/ Gwyneth Paltrow - Stella McCartney


To slow down the time...

Do you love the feeling of stumbling upon something great that you didn't know was going to be so amazing? I know I do.
Today, Veronica and I were driving around Santa Cruz, not doing our work but procrastinating and getting food. We passed by a yard sale and we decided to stop by even though I didn't want to buy anything. That doesn't happen in my book ever, because I always leave a store with something. It's a wonderful weakness of mine. So after looking around the yard sale, we both left with a 35mm camera in tow, and a cassette player. I got the cassette player for bester Kristen but she doesn't know that yet. I already have one since I love making people mix tapes.
But anyway, I bought my new old camera and cassette player for a whopping $1 each! It's a 90's-ish Nikon automatic zoom camera and I can't wait to get film for it. Veronica got a manual Canon which was also good. We're so excited.

Listening to: Lost in the World - Kanye West ft. Bon Iver
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