This is my time...

So I have been on the prowl for a one piece swimsuit for summer, googling and googling and I've seen a couple I liked.
Basically, I need a new swimsuit, particularly one that covers my chub chub. Since being in college, I've gained a freshman 10 which needs to go away like now.
However, apart from the chub, I actually would like a one piece because I genuinely think they're adorable and plus I don't have one yet so yeah.
I made a little something on Polyvore to help me decide. Looking at all of them together, I see that they don't really go with each other but in a way they kinda do if that makes sense.


That's all they really want...

This past weekend I went home to celebrate bester Kristen's 18th birthday party and Easter. Both of those days were great. I had an amazing time.
Downside was that I lost my middle knuckle ring I wear every day. I've lost that thing so many times I thought there was hope. I even lost it at the beach in sand! But this time, no dice. Even when Andy looked for it. And he always finds my rings. So yeah it's really gone. Time to find a replacement.
But anyway.
The weekend soundtrack consisted of the 80's and a totally 80's prom night. The dress I wore belongs to Kristen's mom and it was a perfect fit. I shortened it a big smidgen to make it more modern. And I like my legs so why not? You can't see it in any of the pictures but I had a gigantic red bow in my hair to pin it back. It was a fun night. There were lots of laughs, games, and good times. All I needed was John Cusack outside of my house holding a boombox.
What else can you expect from an 80's prom? Um, everything.
Need I say more?



Get back to the museum...

So I'm in a class this quarter called "Natural History of Dinosaurs" and I have to admit I'm kind of in love with that class. So much in fact that I typed in "dinosaur" on Polyvore.
I have to say what I found was pretty epic and I want it.


We don't buy no drinks at the bar...

Let's get this over with.
I have many besties whose birthday falls in the month of April, so here are some birthday wishes heading your way. Smiles.

4 - ROSE



11 - EDDIE

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