I've never heard silence quite this loud...

A year ago, I never thought I would be this place I am now.
I mean it's a really good place, but it could be better. My life is running slowly but surely but at least it's running and that's all I care about. Everyday I try to remind myself about the great things and great people that surround my life.
Here are some of those great things:

Later tonight, I'm going to have a great night with the besties, just spending time with them while I'm still in Monrovia since my break is almost over. It will probably consist of laughs and Doritos.

Oh and my photoshoot with the amazing bester Rosee and Ace Face Jeff was great and fun. We made a rainy day not so dreary.

On my last day, I'm going out with the family to go flea market shopping at Fairfax. I expect to get lots of good stuff. Smiles.

Spring Break.
I am very happy I get a break between quarters. This break has been lovely. I feel so lucky that all of the UC schools have the same break because I get to see all of the great people I get to call friends.

Anyway, I'm off to go have a jammin' time.
I'll leave with these. Smiles.



You're on my side...

So this past weekend to start off my Spring Break officially, bester Rosee Rose and her amazing camera (first picture) decided we should all take a Metro trip to Santa Monica.
It's a good thing we did too, because it started raining hard as balls the next day, and it still is. I don't understand this. I bet by the end of Spring Break, it'll be super warm outside. That's how life works out for me. But what can you do?
It doesn't matter because I had an amazeballs time.

Oh and I just came home from a fun photoshoot with Jeffy and Rosee at Rosee's school (Art Center in Pasadena). I can't wait to see how it turned out.



Dance while you can...

I finally got my feathers. Just in time for spring break, which is next week.
Hopefully my spring break is a sunny one.

I am now obsessed with feathers.
I bought these recently from By Samii Ryan and I finally got them in the mail. Veronica got some too. We are very happy. It brightened our rainy day.

Listening to: Love Out of Lust - Lykke Li


I'm gonna drink my tears tonight...

Lady Gaga walked in the Thierry Mugler Womenswear AutumnWinter fashion show.
She is what we call fierce.

And a new song from her upcoming album played during the show called Government Hooker.
Love it.

Listening to: Government Hooker - Lady Gaga


Let's stay till the end...

It is past midnight which means it is the bester Jeff's 19th birthday.

Yes, I am blogging when I am supposed to be writing this long essay for class. I think I'm pulling an all-nighter tonight. I can't wait for this weekend since I'm going to be home.
I need a break.

Love this song. Thanks, Jeff!


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