It's a bad dream...

Life can change in a matter of moments.
The past couple days have been pretty rough. But it's always rough when people in your life are suddenly not. I have to let go but I can't just yet. Being away from home at a time like this isn't really ideal at the moment but I have my Santa Cruz peeps to cheer me up. Or try to cheer me up. Even the weird summer in February weather isn't cheering me up. I'm missing it more as every day passes by, the way things were. I just have to get used to it.
It's really hard expressing delicate feelings on a blog like this and I don't want to bum people out by doing it. I guess I'll stop here.

On the bright side, some cheering up happened yesterday. Shawn surprised me with a little drive to Davenport Beach a little ways from Santa Cruz. It was beautiful. But even though I had a great time running around taking pictures with Shawn, all I kept thinking about was who could have shared the view with me. We drove back to campus, not before taking a trip to get jalapeno cheese bread. That cheered me up. Food is always good.

Listening to: A Bad Dream - Keane

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