Shake it out...

So I have about an hour until 2012 gets here so I'll hurry it up.

I just wanted to say that 2011 wasn't exactly what I would have hoped it would be. I think I pretty much summed it up on Twitter when I said that the theme of 2011 for me was that sometimes, things don't always go as planned, even though you plan out every detail. But that's what a new year is all about. It's time to say goodbye to mistakes and welcome in some new mistakes. But that's life, and we still love it.

Though it wasn't what I expected, there were still some great adventures. I'll leave you with some of my favorite moments of this year. Smiles.



Here's to you...

Merry day after Christmas everybody!
I hope you all got what you wanted since you wouldn't have to go to any of the busy malls today. I was fortunate enough to get stuff I actually liked from my amazing family. Thank goodness. No returns here. Smiles.

So as you may have seen from last year's Christmas post, and the year before that, my family and I celebrate Christmas mostly on the eve but we see other family on the actual day. Filipinos have this thing called Noche Buena where we have a little feast on the night of Christmas Eve and then exchange gifts at midnight. We were at my parents' house this year and it was a grand time. More pictures to come.




You're so fresh to death...


My last two Inspiration Wednesdays have been a little late so this week I thought I should start early for you guys.
These past two days, I have been with my sister since I slept over her house on Monday and we just had an amazing time and did the things we used to do which is super fun. Also, I saw Drive, which is an amazing movie. Love. Ryan Gosling, yeah. Gorge. Anyway, so today we, along with her friend Maeghan, totally went extreme thrifting today, which I always love. I get into a zone where my hands keep moving crap around but i don't even feel them. Yeah I'm an odd one but I love thrift stores. If you don't love thrift stores, there's something wrong with you. Maeghan took us to this place and I literally had to dig to find stuff. As you can see, there were piles and piles that we went through. I found some great stuff, I can't wait to show you.

Which brings me to Inspiration Wednesday. And it's simple, really. Thrift/vintage stores.
It's probably been about a couple weeks since I've been to any thrift store and today made me miss it very much. Most of my favorite pieces of clothing are either thrifted or vintage. I love it because you never know what you might find. It makes me so happy when I find things that I'm not actually looking for, and the surprise is amazeballs. Yes I frequent the usual Goodwill and Salvation Army, but the hole in the wall places, and huge warehouses are the ones that make me incredibly happy. Like today.

Listening to: Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey



We are shining...

How's everyone's holiday shopping?
I'm almost done thank goodness. I've realized during Christmas time, people spend more time hustling and bustling than enjoying the company of others at actual Christmas events.
But anyway, I'm so excited for this week. Exactly one week until Christmas. I also get to sleep over my sister's house and of course we are going to have a jammin' time. Oh and today is the season finale of Dexter. Big smiles all around.

I didn't get to post this earlier but last weekend I went a family event where my sister sang. It was the first time this season where I got to wear a party dress. I had a good time. I ate lots of cupcakes.


Listening to: Spectrum - Florence + the Machine



So let's set the world on fire...

I apologize for being a bad blogger.
It's December and I hate that I'm not giving you guys any Christmas cheer. From now on, I promise I will be here for you all. So I missed Inspiration Wednesday this week (again), but don't worry I have one for you guys and it's a goody.

I'm surprised I haven't done an Inspiration Wednesday on this yet because it's a big part of my life. I've talked about this many times before on this blog and that is Glee. Since this show began three years ago, I knew I always had something to turn to because no matter what was happening, this show could make me smile. There are no other shows about music or theatre, so being the drama queen I am, Glee has been perfection in everything to me and no one should be surprised that I am completely in love with this show.

I thought about doing Glee for Inspiration Wednesday because on Wednesday something amazing happened. I was hanging out with bestie/honeybee Eddie in Pasadena and we decided to check out the Glee filming that was happening. We ended up meeting a couple people and we were ecstatic. Smiles.

With Cory Montieth, who we almost didn't recognize because of his huge ass parka. He was so sweet.

This is Grant Gustin who plays Sebastian. Even more gorgeous in person. He told Eddie he looked like Blaine.

Eddie and his Warblers, Curt Mega, Dominic Barnes, and Riker Lynch. They were so fun and so nice.

Such a great night. Could have been a little better if we met more people but we actually did see Lea Michele, Chord Overstreet, and Chris Colfer.

Loved this song already, so I was extremely happy that the Glee cast covered it last week.


Live passionately tonight...

So it is Thursday but I have an Inspiration Wednesday for you guys.
I apologize for not doing this yesterday but I am here now and that's all that matters.


My dumb closed eyes. I was just too happy...

Last night I went to Monrovia's Christmas parade and got inspired by all of the Christmas spirit. Also, I watched Elf before I went to sleep too, but anyway. I thought about what to wear to a holiday party since everyone out there has at least one Christmas party to go to during the holidays.
I go to many family parties and friends parties during Christmas and what do I see? A sea of black. Winter time doesn't mean wear black even though I know it makes sense. I've been guilty of wearing the LBD because it just always looks good. You don't have to listen to me (since I'm wearing another black dress this Saturday to a family party), but I think you should. Any color could be worn during the holidays as long as it's done right.
On Thanksgiving, I'm sure all of you watched A Very Gaga Thanksgiving and how incredible it was. Though the majority of what Lady Gaga wore was black, she changed it a couple times and threw in some different colors. I loved every single outfit.

Anyway, smiles.

Watch this amazing music video.


For you, I'll try...

This will be quick or else I'll really stop studying. Smiles.

First of all, happy December everyone! I didn't get to tell you a couple days ago. It's down to the wire for finals. Veronica and I have been having some counterproductive study sessions so today we decided to buckle down. I'm currently in the library trying to be quiet with Veronica. Just saying, that is really hard.
Anyway. It's been a while since I've done a post where I just talked so hopefully you guys enjoy this. I wanted to do a quick Christmas-y post for you all and tell you what I am looking forward to this month.

- Being home in two days.
Monrovia has been hit very hard by the Santa Ana winds which sucks balls because our huge town Christmas tree fell down and our Christmas parade was cancelled this year. The city was out of power for about two days. Wish I was there to stick it out with everyone.

- Seeing friends and family.
I get to eat food that I didn't make and wreak havoc with my besties. Enough said.

- Photoshoots.
I have one planned with my sister which I'm very excited for and I need to plan one with the bestie Rosee Rose. Any more would be amazing as well.

The cake pops were a hit. So yummy treats with my family? I think yes.

Every year just gets better and better for me. Hopefully that does not change this year.

- My 20th birthday.
Yes, I will be 20. Finally leaving my teen years. I made it this far. Who woulda thunk?

So yeah. That's all. Sorry if this post was disappointing. No Lust List today either because all of my November posts had things from the list and I'm running out of things on my Lust List to show you. It will only be every other post since Christmas is coming which makes me really happy.
I will leave you with this picture my sissy took on Black Friday of the Christmas tree in Pasadena. Smiles.


Heaven is place on earth with you...

Hi blog family!
So a couple of things.

1. I haven't had internet in my apartment for the longest time so I've trekked to the library of all places to do my blogging. That is how much I love you all. Since I don't have internet I've been bugging Veronica and watching Youtube videos with her since she has internet. We saw that Urban Decay is coming out with a second Naked Palette. I really wanted the first one... And now I want the second one.

2. The next time I'll be blogging probably won't be until I get home for winter break because of all of the finals and studying and packing and what not I need to do before Tuesday which is when I'm coming home. Thank the Lord. Thanksgiving break was not long enough.

3. I'm really happy I thought about Inspiration Wednesday because it keeps me thinking about my blog and giving all of you guys something to read. So today is another one I'm excited to show you.

4. My last post about Thanksgiving didn't have a Christmas Lust List ending attached to it because I didn't have any more to show you guys but never fear. I have another set of things added to my list.

So first, the inspiration.

We all know how close I am with my sister. As you can see, my inspiration this week is sisters. Especially since I am super excited for my photoshoot with my big sissy this coming break. She is a huge inspiration in my life in everything and we love other sisters who inspire us.
1. Dakota and Elle Fanning (These girls are practically cherubs. Love them.)
2. Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian (Don't care what people say, they are so entertaining to watch. Haha.)
3. Natalie and Dylana Suarez (My sister, along with these two girlies, made me want to start blogging. Smiles.)
4. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Um, duh.)

Here's an update on the Christmas Lust List.

All the over the knee socks I have are black. Why is that? I now want these red ones and some charcoal gray ones. Yay.
Beautiful. Enough said.
It's really bad because I want these only because I see them everywhere. But I really do want a pair. I think they're cutesies.
On Black Friday, my sister and I saw this book at Barnes & Noble and our jaws dropped. It's a huge as balls book. I just thought, Oh my god, all my dreams. (If you get my reference I'll love you forever.)

Also thank you to my sister who showed me this song.


I work out...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did.
I am so exhausted from today's shopping. This will be short unfortunately.
So the title of this post is a little bit of a lie. I haven't stopped eating since I've been home. It's so bad. But awesome. It's just a line from the song my dad hasn't stopped singing since he heard it on the radio.
But anyway. Here are some of photos from my wonderful day. I'll probably update with more. So thankful for everyone in my life.


I don't want to go back. I love being home.
By the way, I'm thinking about going a little lighter on my ends. Let me know what you think. Smiles.


And my heart died...


A very busy Wednesday indeed, but that is no reason to skip our beloved Inspiration Wednesday.
I am finally home in my lovely hometown of Monrovia. I got here last night and it feels like I had never left for Santa Cruz. Smiles.
I had such a long day, got a flu shot, made a crap ton of cake pops (not too bad for my first time, who needs Starbucks? Winky face), then met up with the sister after her work and finally went to see Like Crazy at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks. I loved it because it was Like Crazy, but I have mixed feelings about the entirety of it and the story. I don't know if that makes sense. Oh well, that's why I'm not a movie critic. Just go see it is my advice.

The inspiration for today (especially my outfit choice) comes from two of my favorite bloggers, Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty, and Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast.
I feel that a lot of my styling of outfits and purchases come from these two lovely ladies, especially recently. I find that both of them are edgy yet sophisticated and polished at the same time and I love that. They can wear spikes and have it look proper. It's kind of something I strive for in my looks all the time, and they are the reason I do. I'm almost twenty and I feel
like it's getting to the point where I have to have my own style figured out for the rest of my life. They are helping me find that. Smiles.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving! And shopping, which means, Lust List time.

Who doesn't want to own a pair of red booties???
I love this shirt. I think they're out of black which sucks. But anything from Romwe is kind of awesome. Amazeballs in fact. I'd be happy with any piece of clothing they sell to me. That might be taking it too far but you get it. Smiles.
Do you hate it as much as I do when they turn novels into movies before you get a chance to read them? I don't hate them for doing it, I just kinda hate myself for not getting to it before they do. I need to read this. Two words - Emma and Watson.
I don't even know if these exist anymore, but I saw them on Andy from Style Scrapbook and I fell in love. Enough said.

Have a great holiday all! I know I will.



Take a photograph...


So sorry about the late posting. I haven't had internet for the past couple of days and I hate it. Especially being in college and not being able to do anything. But the thought of going home tomorrow is making me feel really good. So excited to see my fam and besties for Thanksgiving.

I couldn't believe my sister and Geo were in Santa Cruz. Veronica and I needed a break from life and that day was perfect. We had yummy Burger and I was really freaking happy.
Enjoy the photos. An Inspiration Wednesday is comin' soon. Smiles.

More lust list for you in the meantime.

I have a new love for trousers. All kinds, tapered and wide. I don't have any wide ones yet so I want.
I have a Polaroid camera I have yet to use. Someone please get me film.
Dylana Suarez from Color Me Nana has these shoes and I fell in love with them. They look good with everything. Everything.
I love the cut of dresses like these. Just anything that's cut like this would be really nice. Love.


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