I keep dancing on my own...

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!
I just wanted to tell all of you about my amazing two days.

First of all, my 19th birthday party was two nights ago at the Andy man's house and I had a great time. It was a more grown up party compared to my 18th and I loved it. I was very much like Blair Waldorf at her 20th birthday party. A couple people were missing but it was a wonderful night. The bester Rosee Rose took some amazing pictures of the night. I just wish she was in at least one of them.

Gossip Girl (Episode 7) "War at the Roses"

Second of all, yesterday Rosee Rose took some pretty amazing pictures of the The Lesser Panda in good old Monrovia. I will post those soon, once I get them. I'm excited.
After that, us and a couple other people had dinner in LA in the art district at Wurstk├╝che, which was yummy. I loved everything I had there, even Jeff's rattlesnake and rabbit sausage. We took more pictures and had a fun night. It made me want to stay in Monrovia longer than I'm going to.


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