Soon your cares will all be gone...

Do these look inappropriate to you?
If you're a parent in the Parent Television Council, you might think so. I'm not. So I love them.

I bought the GQ magazine with Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, and Lea Michele on the cover this past weekend. Apparently the PTC think it's "borderline pedophilia." I don't understand that because all three of them are over twenty-one years old.
I understand that the photos are racy and Glee can sometimes be pretty inappropriate (rarely) but sorry parents, you can't stop your kids from watching something because they will definitely find another way to watch it. And as far as the magazine goes, what kid knows about GQ magazine? Enough said.

But anyway, enjoy the photos. I absolutely love this shoot.
Oh and thanks to my parents, I have a little surprise planned this coming weekend.

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