I like it like that...

It's that time again!
The Wish List, whose name has officially changed to:

The Lust List

So as we all know, spring is on it's way, which means there are things to look forward to.

Here are just a couple of things:

1. Dark nail polish. I'm thinking a steel gray to match my prom dress (which is in the works by the way), since it won't really match. And I love that.

Femme for DKNY Jeans champagne romper

2. Playsuits, jumpsuits, and rompers. I can't believe I only have one romper. I want another one. End of story.

3. H&M's Spring Swimwear Collection. I can't pick just one. I might mix and match a little. They're all fun.

Anyway, time for me to lust.

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