Pleasant day, pretty sky...

So I have a couple of issues.

1. Boys are really confusing.
2. Midterms are really stupid.
3. I have be ready for this show.

Auditions are coming up and I'm hoping to nab a lead. Hopefully Snoopy.
Sometimes people can get in the way of that.

But some good updates:

1. I got Most Dramatic for Senior Best in the yearbook. And so did the bester Jeff.
2. I saw The Lovely Bones today with some peeps. It was okay but it was nice going out.
3. I also had some Taco Bell tonight. Yum.

I have some theories, but they are all jumbled up in my head so I don't really know what they are.
Just putting that out there.

Another thing. I apologize for not having a Golden Globes post. All I would have talked about was Dianna Agron's beautiful Reem Acra dress.

Just saying - this could TOTALLY be my wedding dress.

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