It kind of makes me very happy...

A night I will remember for the rest of my life.
Best night of my life so far.

Last night was indescribable.
If I did have any words to describe it, it was be everything because it had everything I could ever ask for at a party. It even had some drama and tears. But mostly it was full of happiness.

So obviously my theme was black and gold, yes like Sam Sparro. My amazingly sparkly dress fitted me perfectly. Through all that dancing, I didn't have to pull it up once. I never had a party this big ever. I never usually have parties on my birthday because most of the time, people can't make it so I never try. But I felt that this is my 18th birthday, so I deserve one.

I already cry a lot. So putting everyone I love in one room to celebrate me made me really happy and emotional. When 18 of my best friends told me why they loved me in front of everyone, I cried. When I sang Brightly Wound, by Eisley, with my sister that I love, I cried. When my mother and father sang their songs, I cried from happiness. When I danced with my father, I cried. In my room, after dancing the rest of the night away, I cried again from happiness.

Everything turned out the way I wanted it to and more. People pleasantly surprised me with their vulnerability and I was very glad that I could show that side of myself to the people in my life. It didn't last long enough.

Thank you to everyone who shared this with me.

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