Today's the day...

This has been a busy week. It ended beautifully, in my opinion.

Auditions for Charlie Brown were happening all through the week and the cast list finally went up on Friday. Sadly, I didn't get Snoopy, but I did get Marcie, and it's something at least. I was a little bummed about it but time with friends always fixes that.

We got some yummy Sonic on Friday after I saw the cast list and the next day, the best friends and I had more good times at Kristen's.

And I have to say, I love when things happen unexpectedly.



I found a reason...

So I bought this magazine:

And I found THE prom dress.

It's basically the one. To keep the suspense, I will not post a picture until I get it.
The unfortunate thing is that it is most likely incredibly expensive.

I have a solution.

My aunt is an amazing seamstress. Therefore, she can make a version of the dress for me for less than if I were to buy it. So, I'm crossing my fingers.

Other news:

-You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown auditions tomorrow.
- Midterms tomorrow.

Friday needs to come now.


Pleasant day, pretty sky...

So I have a couple of issues.

1. Boys are really confusing.
2. Midterms are really stupid.
3. I have be ready for this show.

Auditions are coming up and I'm hoping to nab a lead. Hopefully Snoopy.
Sometimes people can get in the way of that.

But some good updates:

1. I got Most Dramatic for Senior Best in the yearbook. And so did the bester Jeff.
2. I saw The Lovely Bones today with some peeps. It was okay but it was nice going out.
3. I also had some Taco Bell tonight. Yum.

I have some theories, but they are all jumbled up in my head so I don't really know what they are.
Just putting that out there.

Another thing. I apologize for not having a Golden Globes post. All I would have talked about was Dianna Agron's beautiful Reem Acra dress.

Just saying - this could TOTALLY be my wedding dress.


And I came here to make you dance tonight...

My last fall play at MHS- The Children's Hour

Being in this play has challenged me to do my best and I will never forget this experience.
I'm especially happy that I did this show with some of my besties, Jeff, Kristen, Christine, and Eddie. And then my other besties who do not participate in theatre came to see the show and it made me love them so much.
Another thing, my sister told me how much she loved me in the show and that meant a lot to me since she is an inspiration to me in the acting world.
All of that and everyone I love coming to see it made it worth doing.
I spent three months being an emotional wreck to play this part and I don't regret any of it.

Thank you everyone for making this amazing.


It kind of makes me very happy...

A night I will remember for the rest of my life.
Best night of my life so far.

Last night was indescribable.
If I did have any words to describe it, it was be everything because it had everything I could ever ask for at a party. It even had some drama and tears. But mostly it was full of happiness.

So obviously my theme was black and gold, yes like Sam Sparro. My amazingly sparkly dress fitted me perfectly. Through all that dancing, I didn't have to pull it up once. I never had a party this big ever. I never usually have parties on my birthday because most of the time, people can't make it so I never try. But I felt that this is my 18th birthday, so I deserve one.

I already cry a lot. So putting everyone I love in one room to celebrate me made me really happy and emotional. When 18 of my best friends told me why they loved me in front of everyone, I cried. When I sang Brightly Wound, by Eisley, with my sister that I love, I cried. When my mother and father sang their songs, I cried from happiness. When I danced with my father, I cried. In my room, after dancing the rest of the night away, I cried again from happiness.

Everything turned out the way I wanted it to and more. People pleasantly surprised me with their vulnerability and I was very glad that I could show that side of myself to the people in my life. It didn't last long enough.

Thank you to everyone who shared this with me.


I can cry if I want to...

So today was my actual birthday. Therefore I am now an adult. Woo.

Some of the things on my wish list are no longer on my wish list.
First, I got a journal. And it's about time. I have too much going on in my life to not document it in writing.

And second, I got a new phone. New year means changes. The old phone reminded me too much of past memories that I do not want to remember. I have quickly fallen in love with it.

I had a small get together at my house today with the besties and they did not disappoint in making me happy that they are my besties.

Just watch.



So this is the new year...

The first day of 2010 was a great one.

I celebrated my 18th birthday with the family in Burbank.

I got some presents from the sister and the Geo.

Yay Glee.

A fur vest. A fashion staple.

We watched Nine which was amazing and ate at Market City Cafe where we found that the breadsticks there were hella yum.

My birthday is in about thirty minutes. So I'm going to spend the last minutes of my 17th year listening to Glee.
Always a good choice.

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